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UK Intro

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The UK includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each place has its own government with its own background stories and traditional languages. Why do you know so much as a tourist? Because we believe that if you have a little understanding of the background of the UK before the trip, you will feel more when you visit the buildings, the streets, and the food or the humanities. As a result, the journey will be more abundant and you will have more fun. !

About "UK"

The full name of the United Kingdom is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, referred to as the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom consists of four federalities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.The capital of England isLondon(London), which is also the capital of the United Kingdom;The capital of Scotland isEdinburgh(Edinburgh),The capital of Wales isCardiff(Cardiff); the capital of Northern Ireland isBelfast(Belfast). The UK is the world's first industrialized country and as of the world's fifth largest economy by 2016.

Three important acts

In a long time ago, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland were independent countries, and the three major bills in history made it the current United Kingdom. The Acts of Union 1707, adopted in 1707, merged the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland into Great Britain; the Act of 1800 AD was based on the Act of Union 1800. Based on previous decrees, merged with Great Britain and Ireland; and the Anglo-Irish Treaty, signed in 1921 in response to Irish independence, became the current United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

*The British-Ireland Treaty Originally belonging to the United Kingdom, Ireland strives for independence, establishes the Republic of Ireland, and wages war with the United Kingdom. In 1921 the British government signed an armistice agreement with Ireland. The island of Ireland was divided into an independent Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is still under the jurisdiction of the British Government.

Different languages

English is the main language of the UK, as well as four other languages, Welsh, Irish, Gaelic used by some Scottish residents, and in the southwest of England. Cornish used by some residents. For example, Loch Ness, seen in the Scottish Highlands, where Loch is a Scots lake and is also known as Lough in Irish.

UK travel

Trains, buses, subways, and light rail trams are all convenient

Trains: Traveling between major cities in the UK is the quickest and most convenient way to get on the train. The British train fare is a floating system. If the itinerary has been confirmed, it is recommended to book the ticket in advance, and the price is more cost-effective. In addition, the Rail Pass is suitable for tourists who travel across multiple cities. The advantage is that they can travel indefinitely in a limited area within a selected number of days. In addition,London,NewcastleSyrversusGlasgowThere are subways and people can take the subway. inEdinburghThere are light rail trams in cities such as Manchester.

Buy and check tickets |National RailNational Railway official website/Trainline (train mobile phone booking app)

Long-distance bus: There are two main operating companies in the UK: National Express and MegaBus. The two buses are almost all over the UK. Buses are much cheaper than trains and can reach destinations that trains cannot reach, but commutes take longer on buses.

Buy and check tickets|National ExpressOfficial website /MegaBusOfficial website

Car rental

Need to be familiar with the right driver, the international driver's license is validated for 1 year only when you first arrive in the UK.

Renting a car in the UK is also a good choice. Common car rental companies are: Europcar, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz, Budget Rent a Car, etc., but if you are not used to European traffic rules or no right-hand drive experience, you must Deliberate.

Car rental precautions: You must bring an international driver's license together with a Chinese driver's license. Because the international driver's license is a translation of the Chinese driver's license, the Chinese driver's license is the original legal effect. International driver's licenses can only be used in the UK for one year. When you rent a car, you need to read the car rental terms carefully. When you pick up the car, you need to carefully check the car condition and appearance. If you find a problem, you are advised to ask questions on the spot. In most cases, when the car is delivered, the fuel tank is usually filled with oil, and the customer must fill up the oil and return the car at the end of the journey. In addition, the UK is more popular with most European countries. If you need to rent a self-propelled car, it is recommended to book early, but the price is usually higher than the hand-cranked car.

Climate and wear

The temperature difference changes greatly, and the onion-style wear method is correct.

The British maritime temperate climate, affected by the geographical location, the morning is often sunny, strong winds suddenly burst at noon, the afternoon turns into cloudy and rainy, but the sun is showing up in the evening! This change is impermanent, the typical British weather! However, as long as you wear clothes, no matter how the weather changes, it is not a problem!

Choose onion-style wearing method to facilitate the increase or decrease of clothing when going out. For example: in summer, short-sleeved with windproof jacket, and then with a scarf for spare, can be added when cold, ready to deploy! It is also highly recommended to wear a hooded waterproof and windproof jacket to block strong winds and showers.

In the autumn and winter season, the temperature in London in October is about 18 degrees; the temperature in Edinburgh, Scotland is about 13 degrees; in winter and January, the temperatures in London and Edinburgh are around 0 degrees, but it is less snowy in winter in London.

Dining culture

Don't forget to add "please" at the end of the sentence, and make good use of eye contact

When dining in a British restaurant, you usually need to wait for the service staff to take the place in the waiting area at the entrance, but in most fast food restaurants or bistros, you can find your own empty seats. After taking a seat, the service staff will provide a menu and ask for drinks. If you only need boiled water, you can ask the store staff if there is Tap Water, the raw water is free; the water without water (Still Water) or the bubble water (Sparkling) Water) is subject to an additional charge.

When asking questions to the clerk, it is recommended to start with "Excuse me"; when ordering or asking for help, adding "Please" at the end of the sentence is a polite expression. When you need the assistance of the service staff, you can make good use of eye contact. It is not recommended to attract the attention of the other party by hand-picking, because each service person has its own service area. In most cases, they will look at each table. The meal progress comes to care.

Finally, there is no dress code in the bar, but some restaurants have a dress code. It is recommended that you go to the restaurant's official website to check the clothing before going to the meal.

The above experience sharing is for reference only.
I wish you all a happy trip to the UK!

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