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Let's go JOIN ME UK road trip

September 2018: The company was founded as a travel company legally registered with the Companies House.

2019: On behalf of Northumbria University, the all-British Entrepreneurship Competition organized by Santander Bank was selected from 2,000 participating companies to the top 151.

Through the sharing of real experiences, I personally filmed and interviewed and reported the travel information of the whole UK. I hope to lead tourists to all parts of the UK, not only the city attractions that must be visited, but also the hidden towns and secrets. You can use the information of “Easy and Free Travel” to find your favorite spots and arrange a unique UK trip with the itinerary in “Selection Itinerary”.

Making your once in a lifetime UK trip more interesting and authentic, this is what we want to do for you!

Founder Member

Dan and Serina, with the support of the University of Northumbria, established the “JOIN ME British Road Trip” which is a tourism information platform founded in September 2018. They visited many beautiful cities, towns and hidden gems across the U.K. during their study but found that the Chinese information of many attractions was not completed and some of them are insufficient. Therefore, they integrate the travel information and carefully select British local travel agency as their business partners to provide a variety of tours for tourists. The platform allows visitors to plan their once in a lifetime trip as easy as possible.


Hello, my name is Dan. I graduated from Northumbria University in 2017 with a masters degree in Multidisciplinary Innovation. Travelling and discovering new things are my greatest interests in life. During my own travels, I usually stay in a place for a few days in order to deeply explore the area, talk to the local people and really try to immerse myself in the atmosphere. To me, this makes it a really authentic trip and helps me provide useful information to my friends and family who are interested in travelling around the UK. I try to make recommendations to them based upon their own personal interests such as food, heritage, sports , arts and so forth, in order to make their trip unique to them.


Hello, I am Serina, graduated from the Institute of Newcastle University in 2017. I like to travel, whether it is in Asia, North America or Europe. I like to share my travel process with family and friends through videos, photos or text. Since coming to the UK, I have found that there are so many interesting stories to share, I will continue to explore and record the little bit of travel in the UK and share it with those who need it.