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Explore Newcastle (Newcastle), the largest city in northeast England.

Newcastle | From the castle to the pier, the city is hiking

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Newcastle also translated Newcastle as a major city in northeast England. During the Roman period, it played a defensive role; during the Industrial Revolution, its shipbuilding industry prospered and became one of Britain's major economic towns. Today, it gradually walks out of its new look. In 2018, Newcastle hosted England's largest, 80-day event "Great Exhibition of the North", which combined technology, art and innovation, and attracted many people from all over the world to participate.

码头 Tyne Marina

Newcastle's most famous landmark is the dock area. Along the pier is the River Tyne. There are many restaurants and bars on both sides of the river, and traditional markets are on Sunday. There are a total of 7 bridges on the river. The most famous are the High Level Bridge, the Swing Bridge, the Tyne Bridge, and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

Takahashi High Level Bridge:Built in 1849, it links Newcastle and Gateshead's highlands. The upper level of the bridge allows the train to pass, while the lower level is the passage between people and cars. There is a whole face of Love Locks on the bridge.

Swing Bridge:
Built in 1876, between the Tyne Bridge and Takahashi, the bright red coat is very eye-catching. The bridge can be swiveled to make it easier for ships to pass through.

Tyne Bridge:
The largest single-span bridge in Englandsingle-spanThere are no piers between the ends), it's the sameConnectedNewcastle Upon TyneGateshead. Tyne Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia are from the same designer and the same company, so they are often compared.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Gateshead:The Gateshead Millennium Bridge, completed in 2001, has a unique shape, consisting of two large arch bridges. When the bridge is tilted at 45 degrees, it means that a boat only needs to pass. At this time, it looks like it is blinking, so it is also called "Blink Bridge(Blinking Eye Millennium)". Cross the Millennium Bridge to reach the Museum of Modern Art (Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art)With the International Concert Hall (Sage Gateshead).

The starting point of the city: Newcastle Castle

1thousand8A hundred years ago, the location of the castle is now the Roman fortress. The first castle was not built here until the Normans conquered England.1080year. In the early days, the castle used wood as a building material.1After the century, King Henry II ordered the stone to be rebuilt, and the bunker still exists today.

In the medieval period, Newcastle Castle was a border castle between England and Scotland, and an important fortress in Northern England. With the new city walls in the city (Newcastle's Town Walls) Appears, the castle status declines. However, it cannot be replaced in spirit. This castle is the origin of Newcastle's name and the beginning of the rise of the city.

▍City walking routes

Newcastle Central Station (Newcastle Central Station) to Newcastle Castle, about 7 minutes walk; from the castle to the quayside, about 15 minutes. Then recommend a walk to Granger City in the heart of the city, to visit the early British news movie theaters, the well-preserved Georgian architecture streets, and vintage M & S sundries. Continue to the next article:

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