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Bicester Village is the most famous boutique discount village in the UK, and Oxford is the oldest among English-speaking universities. Both are popular among tourists and are close in distance. They can be arranged together in the UK.

Oxford | Bicester Village and Oxford University


Oxford and The Bicester Village Shopping Collection are not far away. Many people will visit Oxford University before going to Bicester shopping to arrange a compact day trip.


Take the train to Oxford Station and walk about 10 minutes to Oxford University.

Arrive at the Bicester Village station by train.

▍University of Oxford

Looking back, Oxford was an important area during the Anglo-Saxon period. It was located at the center of the Kingdom of Saxon at that time, between the Kingdom of Mercia and the Kingdom of Wessex, and was also the place where the River Thames and the River Cherwell flowed. It is a small town. In the 11th century, the Normans (The Normans) built a castle in Oxford, and their strategic position increased accordingly.

Oxford University is the oldest university in the English system and the world's top institution. So far, 28 British Prime Ministers have been bred, including the current Boris Johnson. According to information on its official website, the history of the school can be traced back to 1096, when people began to teach there; in 1167, Henry II banned students from England from studying at the University of Paris, and many students returned to Oxford, England. Duan history is considered to be the predecessor of the establishment of Oxford University.

Highlights of Oxford ’s popular visits toChrist Church College, University of Oxford(The Hall of Christ Church College) is best known. Christ Church CollegeThe cafeteria isIn the movie "Harry Potter", the Hogwarts College cafeteria was inspired by the movie, so the movie became popularIntroduce fans to visit; the canteen is still used, and many scholars will be invited to visit this meal. If you want to visit inside, you will enter from The Meadow Building. As the name implies, you will see a green meadow when you look out from the building of the Meadow Building, accompanied by the Chawell River and the Thames River. Leisurely.

Oxford also has many classic buildings likeRadcliffe Library(Radcliffe Camera), which is one of the representatives of Palladian architecture, is located in the center of the city, and people who pass by can't help but look at it more.During the Renaissance, the dome-shaped architecture once became popular. The spirit of emphasizing decoration and symmetry also influenced the later architectural style. The Radcliffe Library is the representative.It has a perfect and harmonious proportion. The bridge pier is also decorated with arch coupons. The gorgeous shape subverts people's serious impression of the library.You may be wondering, what is the relationship between the library and the camera? According to official sources, Camera means room in ancient Latin.If you want to visit, you need to sign up for a guided tour of the library.

Another focus isBridge of Sighs(The Bridge of the Sighs), whose official name is Hertford Bridge, was built in 1914 and is located opposite the entrance of the Bodley Library, mainly connecting to Hertford College of Oxford University ) Both sides are famous for designing a bridge of sighs similar to Venice in Italy. In addition,inUniversity Church of the Virgin Mary(University Church of St Mary the Virgin) can climb the tower, overlooking the city of Oxford.

Other attractions include Oxford Castle, Balliol College, Bodleian Library, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University and Physic garden) etc.

▍ The Bicester Village Shopping Collection

Bicester Shopping Village abandoned the popular outlet (discount shop) and replaced it with a village (village), giving a refreshing feeling. The layout in the mall is also ingenious. The shape of the house is cute and colorful, making people feel like a holiday. Bicester offers many high-end boutiques, which is the biggest difference from other outlets.

The discount season in the United Kingdom falls in January, March, summer discounts, Black Friday and Christmas in November. There is a lot of people, and you often have to queue to enter the store, but the price is also more favorable. Bicester'sPopular brands include Alexander McQueen, BALLY, BALENCIAGA, BURBERRY, Chloe, Coach, D & G, Dior, dunhill, Gucci, Givenchy, Hackett, Molton Brown, PRADA, SAINT LAURENT, TOD'S , TORY BURCH, Vivienne Westwood and more than 160 brands.

You can take the train from Oxford to Bicester. If departing from London to Bicester, it is recommended to use a shuttle bus to save you the trouble of grabbing a seat with a big bag.

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