For the first time in the UK, if you are coming from London, don't miss nearby cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and Costwolds. Each has its own characteristics, and it is not far from London. It is a good choice for novice travelers.

Around London | 5 classic city towns, Cambridge, Oxford, Cotswolds, Bath and Rye

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Cambridge Cambridge

When you come here, the first one you might think of first is Cambridge University. The popularity of the university does not need to be repeated. Historical figures such as: physicists Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Steven Hocken and Xu Zhimo are alumni. Cambridge is a historic university town with a strong book-like flavor throughout the city. Walking along the River Cam, the scenery along the way, especially when a boat rafts across the river, the picture looks like a filter, leisurely.

King's Colledge and Trinity Colledge are two highlights of many manpower recommendations. King's College was founded in 1441 by the King Henry VI of England. Among them, the King's College Chapel is considered to be one of the most beautiful and majestic chapels in the Cambridge University School. The delicate glass decoration, stone walls and wood carvings are amazing.

In his later years, Henry VIII founded Trinity College, which is regarded as one of the most financially renowned and reputable colleges in Cambridge. There is an apple tree at the entrance of Trinity College, which symbolizes the spirit of the school alumnus Newton. The tree was transplanted from Newton's hometown of Lincolnshire, not the apple tree "Deity" of Newton at the time.

▍Oxford Oxford

Oxford is the oldest university in the English system and the world's top university. According to its official website information, the history of the school can be traced back to 1096, when some people began to teach here; and in 1167, Henry II banned English students from studying at the University of Paris, so many English students returned to England to study here. This history is considered to be the predecessor of the establishment of Oxford University.

Looking back, Oxford was an area of importance as early as the Anglo-Saxon period. It is located in the heart of the Saxon kingdom at the time between the Kingdom of Mercia and the Kingdom of Wessex. It is also the gateway to the River Thames and the River Cherwell. It is a key location that made it at that time. It is already a small town. In the 11th century, The Normans built a castle in Oxford and its strategic position improved.

There are many classic buildings, such as the Radcliffe Camera, which is one of the representatives of the Palladian architecture. It is located in the city center and the people passing by will certainly not help. Look at it a few more times.

During the Renaissance, the dome-shaped buildings were once popular, paying attention to the spirit of decoration and symmetry, and also influenced the later architectural style. The Radcliffe Library is one of them.Its proportion is perfect and harmonious, and the pier is decorated with arch vouchers. The gorgeous shape subverts people's serious impression of the library.

RadcliffeThe library is only open to students and scholars. If you want to visit, you need to sign up for a guided tour.

Another focus is The Bridge of the Sighs. Officially known as the Hertford Bridge, it was built in 1914 and is located opposite the entrance to the Bodley Library. It is connected to both sides of the University of Hertford College in Oxford. Famous for its sigh bridge in Venice.


The Coswo area covers approximately 800 square miles and includes Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. . The biggest attraction here is the lovely towns, the rolling hills and the beautiful countryside.

In recent years, the beauty of Kozwo has attracted many overseas tourists. Even the Telegraph has reported this phenomenon, and quoted the poet Lin Yutang as saying the words of the ideal life in his mind, "World Datong The ideal life is to live in the English countryside. The house is equipped with American water and electricity gas pipes, a Chinese cook, a Japanese wife, and a French lover. To describe the embarrassing and desirable side of the English countryside. .

Bibury is hailed as the most beautiful English town by artist William Morris. The most famous building here is the Arlington Row, built in 1380. The townhouses used to be wool stores. After the 17th century, they were weaving huts. They are now private houses, and some houses also provide accommodation for tourists.

Burton-on-the-water is also known as the Venice of Cozwo. The small stone bridge sets off a beautiful river view, and people will take a walk, picnic and enjoy leisure time.Recommended reading|Cozwo | The most beautiful town in England, Bibury, the waters of Burton, such as Little Venice

In addition, the bar will always be the focus of the British countryside. When you are tired, remember to find a bar to fill your stomach and have a drink. What is more comfortable than this?

▍ Bath

Located in the southwest of England, Bath has been a popular spa town since the George era and is now a world-famous tourist city. Bath has a long history and its Georgian architecture is well preserved and was listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO World Heritage in 1987. Every year, the Jane Austen Festival and the Christmas Market attract a large number of tourists.

When you come to Bath, you must not miss the Roman Baths, which were founded by the Romans around 70 AD and are one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world. The museum combines museums to showcase the antiquities and ruins of the time, where visitors can experience the Roman life of 2,000 years ago. The museum is close to the exit and provides hot spring water for tourists to drink. It contains 43 kinds of minerals. At that time, people believed that the water was very healthy and health-care. What is the flavor of this hot spring water? You must experience it yourself!

Bath Abbey, built next to the Roman Baths, was built in the seventh century and is another highlight of Bath. Its most intriguing design is the "ladders of Angels" at the two ends of the west side, which is said to have been inspired by the bishop's dream of angel climbing stairs. In addition, the Jane Austen Memorial Hall is also located in Bath, and fans should not miss it!

By the way, many people like to visit Stonehenge, which is not far away before visiting Bath. The mysterious mystery of Stonehenge has been 5,000 years old and remains the focus of geological and archaeologist research. At the end of February 2019, British scholars published a report that the stone was from Wales, but how was the boulder carried 180 miles away at the time, what the purpose of this move is still unanswered .

▍莱伊 Rye

Perhaps it is because the surrounding city attracts too many tourists, and the beautiful town of Ley has become a "hidden attraction." Ley is an ancient city in the Middle Ages. It has a small range. However, it has a unique charm. You are absolutely reluctant to take a glimpse of its style, antique mermaid street, traditional bar, and independent small shops. The beauty of Ley was fascinated by Queen Elizabeth I. According to the official website of the Rye Castle Museum, the Queen gave the title of "Rye Royale" after visiting Ley in 1572.

In the past, Ley was an important port in England. The fishing, shipbuilding, forestry, and textile industries all depended on it. They also shouldered the heavy responsibility of building ships for the Navy, and their status cannot be ignored. Because of this, Ley was repeatedly attacked by enemies. The most serious one was the invasion of the French in 1377. A ruthless fire burned many wooden houses. St Mary's Church also suffered. The church has The oldest clock in England was also robbed. Later, the locals formed an alliance with the nearby Winchelsea, went to France to revenge in Normandy, and finally regained the church bell!

From the ancient city of Rome to the highest school, from the most beautiful country branch to the once prosperous port, these beautiful and wonderful places are like the old story of South England. If time is enough, arrange them one by one to the itinerary!

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