Strafford | Closer look at Shakespeare's legend

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By Dan Chen, Serina Su

William Shakespeare, the most famous poet and playwright in the UK, is also a writer. His hometown is located in Stratford-upon-Avon, a small town in the south-central part of England. This simple and beautiful place is highly regarded because of him. The people of that year were curious as to why a "countryman" Can you write such a literary work? Now, his fans are all over the world, and tourists want to know, what kind of environment has produced such an extraordinary writer? Coming to Strafford, it seems as if you can get a close look at the legend of a generation of great writers.

Many documents indicate that Shakespeare should be baptized in Holy Trinity in Strafford on April 26, 1564. According to the custom at the time, newborns are usually baptized on the third day after birth, so it is concluded that Shakespeare’s birthday may be April 23. In 1611, Shakespeare’s death date coincided with April 23, and he was buried in the Holy Trinity Church.

The church is a first-class registered monument and is open to the public, but there is a charge for visiting Shakespeare's sleeping place.

Sweeping and sneak peek into Shakespeare’s life

As for Shakespeare's life, there are many arguments based on the literature, because the records about him were not complete at the time, and scholars can only piece together his possible appearance with limited records. Like the birthday mentioned above, he is supposed to have studied at Shakespeare Schoolroom & Guildhall. Even the suffix of his name has more than dozens of combinations in history, including shappere, Shakp and so on.

Coming to Strafford, there are traces of Shakespeare everywhere. Includes the former residence and school where he lives with his family.

Best-selling playwright, the people and the queen are fascinated by him

From 1589 to 1613, Shakespeare produced many popular works, including "King Richard III", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Hamlet", "Romeo and "Romeo and Juliet", "Julius Caesar" and "King Henry VIII". Shakespeare's work is considered to be very literary, but it is not difficult to understand. It is always loved by all walks of life and the general public. He also has a super fan, Queen Elizabeth I.

Behind me, leave a bed for the wife, and the outside world is curious about the emotional world of the two.

When Shakespeare was 18, he married 26-year-old Anne Hathaway. They had three children, Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith, but Hamnet died when he was 11 years old.

An Hai Sewei was born in an agricultural family. Her family is also located in Strafford. Many of the furniture is completely preserved and is now open to visit (Anne Hathaway's Cottage And Gardens). This is also where Shakespeare asked her to marry.

Regarding the emotional world of Shakespeare and Anheuser, there are still not many records. How do the two know each other? What is the mode of getting along? It is not known that the most well-known "fact" is that Shakespeare stated in his will to leave his second best bed to his wife. Many people speculate on this sentence and think that leaving only one bed for the pillow person shows that the couple's feelings are not good; but the truth is too little, and the meaning of this bed for the two is even more difficult for outsiders to understand.

Shakespeare’s birthday, the world cheers for him

Since 1824, on Shakespeare's birthday, Strafford has been filled with joy, because everyone is busy for Shakespeare's Birthday Celebration Parade. The parade will start at Bridge Street and head to the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was born and buried. Every year, people from all walks of life and all walks of life participate, and a group of people dress up and put on traditional costumes. After the parade, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust will perform street performances in Strafford, which is very lively. In addition, on the weekend after Shakespeare’s birthday, there is also a temporary market, with about 150 stalls selling traditional street food and local souvenirs. The market is for two days.

2019 Shakespeare Celebration Parade:4/27, 10:35 am to 11:30 am

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