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A lot of products! How should I choose?

The products provided by JOIN ME are divided into two categories:

First, the itinerary provided by the British local partners, mostly for the group of more than 16 people.

In order to save visitors time to search for trips, we have selected partners for you who are legally registered in the UK and have been operating for many years and have quality of service. You can check if there is any suitable product on the JOIN ME product page. Your travel days, departure dates, and fees, offers, and content descriptions.

The second is to take the trip provided by JOIN ME and focus on the (semi-) customized small group service.

The product includes the name of the itinerary of "JOIN ME Chinese Mini Group", which is the product provided by our staff. In addition, the Chinese-style accompanying charter service is also within this range; only the Irish Chinese-style car-assisted car service is provided by partners.

The products provided by JOIN ME have been insured by Public Liability Insurance.

Where does the partner's product come from?

Walking up JOIN ME hopes that visitors will have a more comprehensive choice when planning their UK trip, so the products offered range across England, Scotland, Wales and (North) Ireland. In order to provide visitors with diversified and credible product information, we work with a number of local tourism operators in the UK to confirm that our partners are registered companies and ensure the safety and quality of our products.

Why are some products only evaluated?

JOIN ME was founded in September 2018. It is still in the cumulative evaluation. If you have used our services and are willing to give any feedback, we will be very grateful and open-minded; at the same time, many products will be seasonal. Replacement, this type of product evaluation may be relatively small.

Do you sell the British local partners' trips, do the prices of the two parties differ?

All JOIN ME UK-based partners' products are sold at the price of JOIN ME. The price is mostly different from the partners, but each platform will launch special promotions according to different seasons. At the time, the prices of the platforms will be different, but the pricing is the same.

You are on the JOIN ME website and enjoy the Chinese culture service. We select the attractions and suppliers for you, organize the itinerary information, and communicate your needs with the itinerary supplier.

Some multi-day tours include accommodation options. What is the difference between B&B and Hotel?

B&B: It's Bed and Breakfast, and most offer a delicious breakfast for overnight stayers. Many are business run by family or individual. The owner of the house is the owner of the house. Therefore, it is smaller than the HOTEL and can accommodate a limited number of passengers. Generally speaking, the style is more earthly and warm.

HOTEL: Large-scale operation, mostly chain stores, can accommodate a large number of passengers, and the room type is more uniform. There are usually 24 hours (or long time) counters, and there are small restaurants and bars on the first floor.

In most cases, you can refer to the above description, but it is still subject to the actual situation of the unit you are using.

Which payment method do you accept?

Online credit card and bank transfer.
Most products accept online credit card payments. If you use a customized service, such as a Chinese car, the payment method may vary. For passengers using customized services, we will further explain to you when your order is confirmed.

How do I order a car rental service?

You can find the goods page of the car-assisted service on our official website, which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The cost calculation method is based on daily car use, and the daily usage mileage is limited to 250 kilometers. Exceeding the need to collect derivative fees; for the consideration of driving safety, there are also provisions for service time. For details, please seeProduct page description.

Do I need to tip?

There is no hard charge for tipping. If you like the service we offer, it is recommended that each visitor has a daily tip of £5 (including the tip of the driver, the company and the tour guide).

What kind of fees included in the private hire tour service?

The fee includes your custom itinerary plan, service fee for driving with the driver, fuel and parking fees.

For groups of up to 8 people, there is no charge for the driver and the accompanying/guided meal.

The fee does not include your meal, accommodation, tickets, personal expenses, personal travel insurance and tips.

See detailsProduct page description.