In Newcastle, you can reach the beach by subway, with delicious seafood platters, beautiful castle ruins, and a marketplace for holidays. A perfect day trip to the northeast coast of England!

Newcastle Subway | Northeast England Coast Tour

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By Dan Chen, Serina Su

inNewcastle/Newcastle(Newcastle), you can take the subway to visit the coastal town! In places where there is a subway in the UKLondon(London), Tyne & Wear and Glasgow, among which Tyne-Will is the second largest subway system in the UK.Newcastle Upon Tyne(Newcastle upon Tyne), Gateshead, South Tyneside, North Tyneside and Sunderland.

Tyne-Will Metro Road Map

There are two lines of yellow and green, a total of 60 stations, the green line leads to the airport, and there are many attractions on the yellow line. This article recommends the beautiful coastal town of Whitley Bay Beach and Tynemouth on the Yellow Line. At the end of the article, there is a brief introduction to other stations.

Fare reference Zone1: £1.5|Zone2: £2.40|All Zone: £3.10 (For details, please Tyne & Wear MetroOfficial website Inquire)

Beer, sea view, holiday holiday in England

Whitley Bay Beach can be played with Tynemouth. It is not uncommon to come to the beach to have the most landmark landmark lighthouse. St. Mary's Lighthouse, now a visitor centre with small museums and cafes. Whitley Bay is also famous for its nightlife. Many people like to spend time with their families and friends on the beach. Very British holiday style.

Whitley Bay Station – Tynemouth Station:The walking distance between the two stations is about 50 minutes, and the subway is only 2 stops, with sea views along the way. The climate in spring and summer is comfortable and suitable for this holiday; if entering the autumn and winter, the cold wind is getting stronger and stronger, so keep warm.

The perfect combination of beaches, castles and flea markets

Tynemouth is a popular tourist attraction in the north east of England. It is a lively weekend market from the MRT/Metro station and about 20 minutes walk to beautiful castles and golden beaches.

Located in the northern part of the River Tyne, Tynemouth is the mouth of the Tyne, where you can clearly overlook the River Tyne and the North Sea, so it has an important strategic position in history. After the Roman period, the Anglo-Saxons came to England to establish a monastery here in 633 AD. Looking back at the history of Tynemouth Castle and Priory, it is a story of two thousand years. There is a large meadow outside the castle with a vast landscape, and many tourists will sit here and have lunch.Recommended reading:England | 9 classic castles, from South to North

Opening hours See youEnglish HeritageOfficial website
Reference fare Adult £5.90|Child £3.50

In particular, the Tynemouth Market, which is located in the secondary registration site, was a railway station in 1882. After reconstruction, it was Victorian-style and connected to the subway station. There are handicrafts, second-hand good things and all kinds of food in the market. More than 150 stalls are located on both sides of the subway platform, which is a special scene. What's great is that it's a semi-open and roofed building that won't be disappointing here, whether it's windy or rainy!

Opening hours Every Saturday and Sunday, 9:00-15:30

Recommended food: Marshalls Fish and Chips

The decor of Marshall's is very simple. The foods sold are also very common at first glance, but they are the favorite of the locals! The French fries are soft and crisp, and the size of the fried fish is large, and the price is about 5 pounds. After finishing the beach, strolling through the market, and then eating a delicious fish and chips here, perfect!Recommended reading: National cuisine | 100 years of undefeated fish and chips

address 33 Front St, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30 4DZ

Food recommendation: Longsands Fish Kitchen

The menu changes according to the daily catch and catches. Once you enter the restaurant, you can smell the sea and the ingredients are fresh! The seafood platter is £24 per serving, and the oysters, mussels, and fish and chips are also delicious.

address 27 Front St, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30 4DZ

Tyne-Well MRT/Metro Raiders

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