Northumberland, Northumberland: Allendale tar barrel festival (Allendale Tar Bar'l)

On New Year's Eve, a group of people in the town of Allendale in Northumberland held a whiskey tar fire barrel and marched with the sound of music to prepare for the New Year with super mighty momentum.

British New Year! The most traditional celebration of tar fire barrels | profile

By Dan Chen, Serina Su

In Northumberland, North England, there is a traditional New Year’s Eve celebration for the "Allendale tar barrel festival (Allendale Tar Bar'l)".

On the night of New Year's Eve, the residents of the town are busy for this, the store closes early, and the bar no longer sells food, all looking forward to this event. At about 11:30 midnight, the music sounded. Leaded by 5 local men, the group set off in a mighty way. The majestic music made the night boil, and the parade officially began!

A passenger from a long distance from South England said to us,Tar fire bucketThe ceremony is related to the Viking culture (he also brought ox horn wine glasses that symbolize the Viking culture and went to the bar to drink beer). This ritual is rare in the United Kingdom, and it is considered that the history can be traced back to the medieval era (another said For the mid-1800s).

In the past, Northumberland was one of the important strongholds of the Vikings. This ceremony has a history of at least 160 years, so it is considered to be the most traditional New Year's Eve event in Britain. The British media BBC pointed out in past reports that there is no clear document explaining the source of this activity, but it may be related to Christian or pagan culture.

The masses wore special clothes and marched with tar barrels filled with whiskey.It is conceivable that the tar fire bucket has a certain weight and must carry around the town and must have considerable arm strength.It is said that according to traditional principles, only boys can raise fire buckets, while the leading men are mostly selected, and many have been involved in this activity for many years. 

The parade started, the team passed through the center of the town, and the cheers weakened and strengthened.The team returned to the center of the town, and that would be the climax of the ceremony. Near 12 o'clock midnight, the fire in the distance flashed, and the atmosphere of the scene burned to the highest point. The people in the team, one by onePutting the barrel of fire into the fire diligently, the fire that was burning more and more flourishing finally ignited everyone's excitement and enthusiasm.

The crowd was so tight that we had to cling to the railing. The distance from the railing to the fire was 1 meter away.From feeling the warmth of the fire from the beginning, to becoming a little hot, you can see how strong the fire is!ceremonyIn the fall of the firelight,Everyone congratulates, hugs, kisses, and then the crowds flow into the bar behind the fire, New YearJust opened with carnivalpreludeRight!

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