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As early as more than a thousand years ago, Oxford has begun to develop, and its geographical advantage makes it a military and economic city that cannot be ignored. In the 12th century, the University of Oxford made it a major educational center in the UK, and now it is also a pilgrimage site for many "Harry Potter" fans. The story about Oxford can't be finished, and you can understand it in person.

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Oxford was named after the Anglo-Saxon period from 410 to 1066, because it was in the heart of the Saxon kingdom, between the Kingdom of Mercia and the Kingdom of Wessex, and also the River Thames. With the flow of the River Cherwell, the key location made Oxford a small town at the time.

In the 11th century, The Normans built a castle here, and Oxford's strategic position became even more important and became the sixth largest city in the kingdom at the time. In 1167, Oxford University was officially established. It is also the oldest university in the English system. At that time, Oxford residents mainly engaged in leather and textile industry; but after the 14th century, Oxford's leather and textile industry began to decline, and residents turned to people's livelihood-related goods. The largest customer was Oxford University students. At the time, it was the most popular to run a butcher shop, a shoemaking workshop or a tin shop.

By the 18th century, Oxford was still an important commercial town, and most residents relied mainly on education and student-related industries. After the 20th century, the British Morris car was founded here, and Oxford became a very important industrial city. Until now, Oxford has two signatures, one is the famous Oxford University, and the other is the still-developed automobile industry. The current Oxford Motors factory (Plant Oxford) mainly produces BMW MINI cars and other automotive parts.


Belliol College

The University of Oxford Belleol College was founded in 1263 and is one of the oldest colleges in Oxford. Famous alumni are found in all areas of society, such as John Wycliffe, who first translated the Bible from Latin into English in the 14th century, and Adam Smith, who published the "National Wealth Theory" in the 18th century. Sir Anthony Leggett, a Nobel laureate in physics in recent years. Come here, in addition to the beautiful campus, don't miss the elegant chapel.

Reference business hours 10:00-17:00
Reference ticket fare Adult £3|Student, respect for the elderly £1 (purchase must show relevant documents, fees and opening hours, please refer to the spot)

Radcliffe Library Radcliffe Camera

The Radcliffe Library was built in 1749 by renowned architect James Gibbs. You may have questions about what does the library have to do with the camera? It turns out that according to the official website of Radcliffe Camera, Camera means "room" in ancient Latin. This library is a Palladian buildingOne of the representatives of the (Palladian architecture), this type of design was very popular in Europe at the time, mainly referring to the concept of traditional Greek and Roman symmetrical architecture.

The Radcliffe Library is a division of the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford. It houses a collection of English literature, history and theology books. Currently, only students and scholars are open to visitors. Inbound visits need to be registered locally
The library has a fixed tour itinerary.

Check itiner Bodley Library

Bodley Library

The Bodley Library is the main library of Oxford University and the second largest library in the UK, with more than 13 million books in the collection, second only to the British Library (Britsh Library). According to the British book publishing regulations, any publisher publishing a book in the UK needs to legally send a copy to the designated library. The Bodley Library is one of them, and its important position can be seen. The library is only open for visitors for a few hours. Each person can visit for 30 minutes in limited time. It is recommended to book tickets in advance on the official website or purchase tickets at the Great Gate Ticket Office.

Opening hours Monday to Saturday 12:30, 15:30, 16:00, 16:40|Sunday 12:45, 14:15, 14:45, 15:15, 16:00, 16:40 (pleaseBodley's official websiteThe time of publication shall prevail)
Ticket fare £6

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs was built in 1914 and is located opposite the entrance to the Bodley Library, which is connected to both sides of the University of Oxford's Hertford College. Its official name is Hertford Bridge, which is famous for its design of a bridge of sighs like Venice in Italy. The Bridge of Sighs is a common name.

Oxford: The Bridge of Sighs



Oxford Literary Festival

The Oxford Literature Festival is held every year in March/April and has been in existence for 23 years. British literature has a rich heritage, and there are many kinds of literary festivals. However, in 2016, some writers protested and thought that they had attended the literary festival activities and participated in lectures, but they did not get reasonable remuneration and were unfair. Aside from the controversy, there are many exciting activities at the annual Oxford Literature Festival. The 2019 event has already been open for registration. If you love literature, don't miss it!

Need to buy tickets Click here to inquire about the 2019 Oxford Literature Festival

Christmas event

Every year in November, cities in the UK will start to celebrate the Christmas season. In 2018, Oxford’s “Oxford's Christmas Light Festival” will feature “Undiscover Oxford”, combining culture, sound and light art, dance and market. The way to present the story of Oxford.
Photo source:Oxford's Christmas Light FestivalOfficial website

location Oxford city centre 


Market cuisine

The Covered Market in Oxford's market is delicious, good to go, there are desserts, and there are also Chinese dishes. Many tourists like to eat here! There are also many cute and chic handicraft shops.

address Market St, Oxford OX1 3DZ
time Monday to Saturday 8:00-17:30|Sunday 10:00-16:00 (some stores are closed on Sundays)

There are many foods in the Covered Market. Photo by Dan Chen

The first coffee shop in England

The first coffee shop in England was in Oxford. According to its official website, the owner was founded in 1650 by a Jewish entrepreneur named Jacob, who was named "The Angel" and has changed hands many times over the past 300 years. The café in the same address is now called "The Grand Cafe", attracting many visitors to the pilgrimage of the pilgrimage-England cafe.Photo source:The Grand Cafe' Official website

address 84 High St, Oxford OX1 4BG



FromLondon(London) departs toOxfordIt is convenient to take the train to save time. You can depart from Marylebone Station or Paddington Station and get off at Oxford Station. The total journey takes approximately 1 hour.The train is a floating fare. It is recommended to go to the official website of the British National Railway.National RailInquire. If you book earlier, the fare will sometimes be much more favorable.

Tips & Tricks

The secret of the Oxford wooden postbox

The mail box in the UK is mostly red. This wooden postbox is particularly eye-catching on the lively streets. In addition to its special appearance, the structure is very special. There is a big hole under the mail box. In the past, it can directly distribute the mail to the basement, but now it is no longer done. In 2003, St Aldate's Post Office's post office building was purchased by Merton College, and the mailbox may be moved in the future.

address 102-104 St Aldate's, Oxford OX1 1ZZ

Bicester Village, Bicester Village

Bicester Village, Bicester Village

Take the train to and from OxfordLondonOn the journey, you will pass Bicester Town Station, the famous Bicester Village.

Transport FromLondonDeparture, take Marylebone Station to Bicester Station for about 1 hour; from Oxford, take the Oxford Railway Station to Bicester Station for about 30 minutes.

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Harry Potter fans, classic scene prototype

In the film version of Harry Potter, the canteen in Hogwarts College is a re-enactment of the canteen of The Hall of Christ Church College. After the crew went to the Christ Church College scene, they copied a high-similar scene in the London studio for filming. After the film was aired, more and more Harry Potter became obsessed with it, and now the college needs tickets.

Opening hours Monday to Saturday 10:00-17:00|Sunday 14:00-17:00 (may vary due to school private events)
fare Adult £8-10|Children, students, and respect for the elderly £7-9 (can be booked online or purchased on site)