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1 day tour
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Belfast, Northern Ireland
Giant's Causeway, Black Hedge
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Northern Ireland Giants Causeway & "Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" Shooting Scene 1 Day Tour 


Dark Hedges
The boulevards with beech trees on both sides are full of mysterious and magical beauty. It is also the scene of the King's Road in the HBO album "Song of Ice and Fire: Power Game".

Giant's Causeway
The Giant's Causeway, also known as the Giant's Causeway, is famous for its stone pillar wonders. It was formed after the volcano erupted and cooled in the ancient times and is a United Nations World Cultural Heritage.

Ballintoy Harbour
Ireland's most beautiful fishing village, because it still retains the look of the old times, the "Power Game" crew was attracted by this unique scene, set as the shooting scene of the Iron Islands. The traditional style of the crew has not been added to the traditional style, so the fans come here, there will be a familiar familiar feeling!

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One day Game of Thrones shooting scenes and world wonders, we will visit dark hedges, Giants Causeway, Balinto Port andLarry Bain QuarryLarrybane Quarry), the quarry isLan LiBaratheonRenly Baratheon's barracks, where Lady Catelyn Stark requestedThe location where Lan Li helped Robb Stark fight !! Regardless of whether you have seen the album, these unique natural beauty and fishing village scenery will make you leave a good impression on Northern Ireland.

* If you need to connect the original car to Dublin city center on the return journey, you can purchase it at the time of order.

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【Tour details 】

departure time
09:30AM (please be on time, not waiting)

31 Chichester Street, Belfast (outside Top Shop entrance, across the road from Garrick bar)

time of return
It is expected to return to the original meeting place at 05:30PM (Belfast)


a. There will be some attractions to walk on this trip.

b. It can carry a small 14kg baggage (55cm*45cm*25cm) and a small carry-on baggage. The carry-on and checked baggage are not responsible for the custody.

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a. If the purchased itinerary is cancelled 2 days prior to departure (48 hours ago), we will refund the full amount, subject to a 5% service charge and bank charges and 15% merchant administration fee.

b. If the purchased itinerary is cancelled within 2 days of departure (within 48 hours), no refund will be given.

c. If you are unable to participate in the trip on the day due to personal factors such as being late, no refund will be given.

d. The fee does not include personal travel-related insurance. We recommend that you purchase travel-related insurance before you leave.

e. The fee does not include meals, but we will stay in the town where meals are served, you can choose to buy locally or prepare yourself.

f. The fee does not include a tip. If you like the service we offer, it is recommended that each visitor has a daily tip of £5 (including the driver, the accompanying/guided tip).


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