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Lake District, England
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Walk up the JOIN ME mini group UK Lake District private trip 3 days tour Chinese

The characteristics of the group
Exquisite small group tour (4 people in groups, up to 8 people), different from the general large group tour group tour, can better match the tourist's tourist pace, and enjoy the classic and niche attractions in the English Lake District.

Other notices
This is a semi-customized itinerary, visitors can call to ask for the departure date. To register, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


The Langdale Pikes
It is the most famous mountain in the Lake District National Park. The steep rock wall has brought many rock climbers to try their hand. Love nature adventures are also very suitable for this hiking.

Wast Water
It is the deepest lake in the lake area, reaching 80 meters deep. In 2007, this lake view was voted the most beautiful in England by the British ITV TV program. However, because the traffic is less convenient, tourists are relatively rare, which is a pity. However, this beauty is definitely worth a visit.

The second largest lake in the English Lake District, in addition to the magnificent mountain scenery, it is also exceptionally quiet and leisurely.

Castlerigg Stone Circle
The Stone Age stone circle, which has a history of 3 or 4 thousand years, is one of the oldest stone circles. Here, you can get close to it and explore its mystery. You will find that it has a very different arrangement of stone circles! The mountain grassland on the side will definitely make you feel relaxed and happy.

Lake Windermere
The beauty of Lake Windermere is renowned for boating or a ferry ride to the lake and views of the mountains.

Derwent Water
It used to be one of the scenes of the movie "Star Wars." The town of Kewsick is located nearby, after watching the lakes and mountains, then enjoy the night at the English traditional bars and restaurants in the town.

Hadrian's Wall
Built in the 1st century AD, North England's most famous great Roman ruins, 80 miles long, extend from the east coast of England to the West Bank and are also one of the world's cultural heritage.

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The Bed and Breakfast includes a daily traditional English breakfast.
B&B Reference Location: Keswick, Windermere

  • Double room: two people sharing the same room, the total cost per person is 309 pounds.
  • Single room: arrange a single room for accommodation, the cost is 60 pounds more than the double registration, the total cost per person is 369 pounds.


First day
Departure from Newcastle/Newcastle to the town of Penrith in the morning. Take you to the Penrith Castle, which has a place in the British-Soviet War. Next, you will find Ullswater in the direct drive lake area, which is known as the most beautiful lake in England, where you can also enjoy the secluded Aira Force Waterfall.

After visiting the beautiful waterfalls, we will travel to the Castlerigg Stone Circle to explore the magical stone circle that existed in this Stone Age. The accommodation for you tonight is in the small town of Kewsick/Winderemere.

Second day
Today's itinerary is focused on Lake Windermere, where you can choose to take a cruise around the lake and have lunch by the lake. In the afternoon, we will head to Hawkshead. The famous British romantic poet William Wordsworth graduated from the town's grammar school. He lived in the Lake District for a long time and explained the beauty of the Lake District through his works. So it attracts many tourists.

After visiting the town, we will visit the Wordsworth Daffodil Garden, home to the world's most famous gingerbread (Sarah Nelson's Gingerbread), you must try it. Tonight, we also stay in the town of Kewsick/Winderemere.

Third day
Today, I visited the west side of the Lake District. This area is known as the secret area of the Lake District. Wast Water, which was voted the most beautiful scenery, is also here. Then we will travel to Hadrian's Wall to witness the farthest remains of the Romans occupying the British Isles and are expected to return to Newcastle in the evening.

*This is the itinerary for JOIN ME

【Tour details 】

departure time
9:00AM (please be on time, not waiting)

Meeting place
The County Hotel, Newcastle, Neville St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1
5DF, UK Newcastle/Newcastle 

time of return
Expected to arrive at the original starting point at 05:30PM


a. To ensure that every passenger has enough time to enjoy every attraction, we use a comfortable 5-9 seater.

b. This is a small car tour, which will be more convenient in action. However, the luggage space of the car is not as large as that of the bus. It is recommended that the passengers take a small carry-on bag and a back pack. The carry-on and checked baggage are not responsible for the custody.

[Expense description]

a. This is a preferential itinerary. Applicants will not be accepted for cancellation.

b. If you are unable to participate in the trip on the day due to personal factors such as being late, no refund will be given.

c. The fee does not include personal travel-related insurance. We recommend that you purchase travel-related insurance before you leave.

d. The fee does not include meals, tickets, ferry tickets, tips, but we will stay in a small town with meals, you can choose to buy locally, or prepare yourself.

e. The cost of the trip includes accommodation (double room). If you are applying for a single person, please specify when ordering, and the single person will be charged separately, please see below.

  • Double room: two people sharing the same room, the total cost per person is 309 pounds.
  • Single room: arrange a single room for accommodation, the cost is 60 pounds more than the double registration, the total cost per person is 369 pounds.

f. Student discount of £10

g. The organizer reserves the right to change the event.

h. The fee does not include a tip. If you like the services we offer, it is recommended that each visitor has a daily tip of £5 (including the driver, the place to accompany the guide and the tipping fee).

【common problem】

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  1. Miss Tang

    I participated in this group in mid-July. After the actual participation, I felt that the attractions of the whole trip were arranged with great care, especially people feel that they are different from the general tourists.
    To accompany Dan, these are the essences that he and his wife have played in the Lake District for many times.
    On the way, Dan is very careful to explain, the atmosphere is very relaxed, I really feel that this group is very good value for money! Very happy to play!

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