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Oxford, Cambridge
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Oxford, Cambridge 1 day tour

The characteristics of the group
On the 1st, you can enjoy 2 British classic university towns. The fees already include tickets for Oxford University's Christ Church College and King's College Chapel, saving you time for additional tickets and a simple lunch box for you to have more Ample time to visit.


Oxford was already developed as early as more than a thousand years ago. Its geographical advantage makes it a military and economic city that cannot be ignored. In the 12th century, the University of Oxford made it a major educational center in the UK, and now it is also a pilgrimage site for many "Harry Potter" fans. The story about Oxford can't be finished, and you can understand it in person.

Since the beginning of the 13th century, the University of Cambridge was established, giving Cambridge a new atmosphere. Today, Cambridge University still dominates the world. The difference is that the town of that year has become a popular tourist city.

【Guide language】



On this trip, you will have the opportunity to visit two of the oldest university towns in the English language family. We are expected to arrive in Oxford in the morning, visit the Bodleian Library, the Oxford town and visit one of the inspirational sources of Harry Potter, Christ Church College.

We visit Cambridge in the afternoon and the tour guide will take you to the King's College Chapel, the Eucharist, the Math Bridge and more. It is expected to arrive at the original London collection at 7pm.

Oxford stay: 2 hours is expected (depending on the actual situation on the day, each group may be slightly different)
Cambridge stay: 2 hours is expected (depending on the actual situation on the day, each group may be slightly different)

*This is the itinerary of JOIN ME UK partners

【Tour details 】

Collection time
08:00AM (please be sure to collect at the designated place on time, not waiting)

Meeting place
4 Fountain Square, 123-151 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SH. London

time of return
It is expected to arrive at the original meeting place at 07:00 PM (London)


a. This delegation will use a comfortable air-conditioned bus. Sorry, this bus is not equipped for disabled facilities, please forgive me.

b. If you purchase student/respected fare, please bring your relevant documents with you to check with the ticket office.

【Important Information】

a. If the purchased itinerary is cancelled 5 days prior to departure (120 hours ago), we will refund the full amount, subject to 15% service charge and bank charges.

b. If the purchased itinerary is cancelled within 5 days of departure (within 120 hours), no refund will be given.

c. If you are unable to participate in the trip on the day due to personal factors such as being late, no refund will be given.

d. The fee does not include personal travel-related insurance. We recommend that you purchase travel-related insurance before you leave.

e. The fee includes a light lunch.
The light lunch provided by the group is egg milk, including vegetarian sandwiches*1, dried fruit*1, artichoke tablets*1, honey swallows
Oatmeal*1, bottled water*1, etc. The actual contents of the lunch box may be slightly adjusted due to time and season.
Should be based on items.

f. Fees include tickets for the Christ Church College of Oxford and the King's College Chapel.

g. The fee does not include a tip. If you like the service we offer, it is recommended that each visitor has a daily tip of £5 (including the driver, the accompanying/guided tip).


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