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1 day tour
Group size:
Up to 16 people
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Oxford, Cotswolds (Cotswo): Bampton, Burford, Bibury
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Oxford and Cotswolds (Kozwo) 1 day tour

The characteristics of the group
This is an exquisite trip for 16 people. Visitors can choose whether to visit the attractions that require tickets, so the fee does not include any tickets.


Oxford Univeristy
Located in the old town of Oxford, built in 1167, Oxford University is the oldest university in the UK and the world's top university.

Christ Church College
One of Oxford's most iconic colleges is also the source of inspiration for the Hogwarts School of Magic School in the British fantasy adventure "Harry Potter."

Cotswolds (Cotswolds)
A traditional stone townhouse not seen in the city, it is known as the most beautiful country landscape in England.

Have seen the Downton Manor or love the English countryside, where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of the honey-colored cottage.

The town is located at the gateway from the west to the Kozwo area, making it an important wool trading town due to its location. The main street is steep and there are many businesses on both sides. From the high point of the slope overlooking the grassland, the scenery is beautiful. Go down the main road and you will find a variety of shops, antiques, bamboo baskets, brushes and coffee shops, each with its own characteristics and suitable for digging treasures.

A beautiful and typical small village in the Cotswolds, the artist William Morris is known as the most beautiful English town. Here, the most famous building is the Arlington Row, built in 1380. It used to be a wool store. After the 17th century, it was a weaving hut. It is now a private house. The No. 9 house has open access. Approximately 5 minutes walk from the townhouse, you can visit the 100-year-old trout farm.

【Guide language】



Departing from London to Oxford in the morning, you will have plenty of time to explore this ancient university town, such as the Christ Church College of Oxford. After enjoying the beautiful old city, I set off for the afternoon in the Cozywo area. I first visited the town of Bempton, then to Burford and the most beautiful English town of Bibury, which was hailed by artist William Morris. Bury ended today's trip back to London's original meeting place.

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【Tour details 】

departure time
09:15AM (please be on time, not waiting)

Stance 3, Greenline Coach Terminal, Bulleid Way, Victoria, London, SW1W 9SH

time of return
It is expected to return to the original meeting place at 07:00 PM (London)


a. To ensure that every passenger has plenty of time to enjoy each attraction, we use a 16-seat minibus. Unfortunately, there is no toilet available in the car.

b. We are sorry that this trip is not suitable for children under 5 years old. At the same time, if the accompanying child is less than 135 cm tall, please let us know in advance that we can adjust the seat suitable for his height in advance.

c. It can carry a small 14kg baggage (55cm*45cm*25cm) and a small carry-on baggage. The carry-on and checked baggage are not responsible for the custody.

d. If you purchase student/respected fare, please bring your relevant documents with you for inspection.

e. Recommended waterproof jackets and appropriate casual shoes

[Expense description]

a. If the purchased itinerary is cancelled 5 days prior to departure (120 hours ago), we will refund the full amount, subject to 15% service charge and bank charges.

b. If the purchased itinerary is cancelled within 5 days of departure (within 120 hours), no refund will be given.

c. If you are unable to participate in the trip on the day due to personal factors such as being late, no refund will be given.

d. The fee does not include personal travel-related insurance. We recommend that you purchase travel-related insurance before you leave.

e. The fee does not include meals, but we will stay in the town where meals are served, you can choose to buy locally or prepare yourself.

f. The fee does not include any tickets

g. The fee does not include a tip. If you like the service we offer, it is recommended that each visitor has a daily tip of £5 (including the driver, the accompanying/guided tip).

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