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£30.00 per person
Departure from
2021-01-02 To 2021-05-31
£30.00 per person
Departure from
2020-10-01 To 2020-12-23


UK Chinese Chartered Tour (Private Customized Travel Service)

Private customized travel services,Stop and go, pick up and drop off by car, do not join the group with other tourists, play more flexible and more at ease.During your rare journey in the UK, we will assist you like a friend. Enthusiasm and kindness are the characteristics of walking along the British tour JOIN ME.

[Recommended route]

❲ A ❳ Classic · Explore the suburbs of London
Suitable for 3 days tour

There are many classic places of interest around London, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath Roman Bath still used by Queen Elizabeth, and Stratford, the birthplace of the highest school Oxford and Shakespeare, are popular places to pilgrimage!

Itinerary: Windsor Castle

❲ B ❳ Depth・Travel in England
Suitable for 6 days tour

This itinerary is super healing, and it takes you to visit the three well-known healing resorts in England, namely the Lake District, Cotswolds and Peak District. Lake scenery and idyllic scenery will definitely make your holiday super relaxing.

Itinerary: Cotswolds (Cotswolds) Bibury, Cotswolds

❲ C ❳ East Scotland, West Highlands
Suitable for 5 days tour

Scotland is blessed with beautiful natural beauty. Sky Island (Skye) and Loch Ness are intoxicating. The Gryffinnan Viaduct is a classic scene of the movie "Harry Potter". If soGolf fans can’t miss the hometown of golf.

Itinerary: Scottish Highlands Isle of Skye

❲ D ❳ Tasting・Scotch whisky
Suitable for 7 days

Scotch whisky is well-known internationally, with five major local production areas, lowlands, highlands, Speyside, Campbell Town and Islay. This itinerary will lead you to experience the winemaking characteristics and whisky flavors of each production area.

* The above are suggested itineraries. The actual route will be adjusted according to your travel days or other travel needs. We provide customized itinerary services for customers who use privately made itineraries.

【 Service Content】

To accompany you like your local friends, we understand your needs better!

From the perspective of tourists, we provide professional and intimate travel suggestions to tailor-made itineraries for you.

During the tour, the local companion will share with you British culture and short stories, etc. In addition to enjoying the scenery, it will lead you to integrate into the local atmosphere.A rare trip to the UK, of course, to have fun and authentic!

The nature of the local tour guide is different from that of the tour guide. Local companionship services include local culture, life sharing, and attraction introductions, rather than in-depth detailed explanations of scenic spots.

*This itinerary is provided by JOIN ME

【 Service area】

Only in the following regions:
Newcastle (Newcastle), Durham, Lake District, York, Edinburgh (includes departure, itinerary, return location).

The scope includes the main islands of England and Scotland.
If you want to cover the rest of the UK, please email us.

[Local language]


[Calculation of fees]

Car Model / Period / Fee

5 Seater

October to May

£369 per vehicle per day

June to September

£399 per car per day

The cost does not include £80 per night.

Baggage when full24 inch 2 pieces, For each reduction of 1 person, another 24-inch luggage can be added.

Car Model / Period / Fee

9-seater minivan

October to May

£469 per vehicle per day

June to September

£499 per car per day

The cost does not include £80 per night.

Baggage when full28 inch 6 piecesFor each reduction of 1 person, another 28-inch luggage can be added.

Bus (more than 9 seats)

Project Quotation

*Christmas and New Year's holidays (December 24th to January 1st) are calculated based on the price from June to September.


a. The daily service period is between 08:00 and 18:00. For services between 18:01 and 22:00, an additional charge is required. An additional £ 20 per half hour will be charged. The latest service is until 22:00.

b. The maximum daily travel distance is 250 kilometers, and a charge of 0.6 pounds per kilometer is exceeded.

c. If overtime and exceeding the maximum kilometers occur at the same time, it will be charged at the higher price. Single day calculation.

d. Costs include:
Private escort and charter services (car fare, fuel, parking fees, car insurance); customers who use private customized itineraries enjoy itinerary planning services.

e. The cost does not include:
For meals, attraction tickets, other personal consumption expenses, and personal travel safety insurance, tourists are advised to purchase personal travel safety insurance before going abroad.

f. This service does not provide accommodation booking:
Please provide your hotel address to us after the itinerary is confirmed to arrange your daily transfer.

g. The cost does not include: tip
If you like the service we offer, it is recommended that the tip for each tourist is 5 pounds per day (including the gratuities for the driver and the guide / guide).

h. Please store your valuables in a safe place. The escort / guide / driver will not be responsible for the luggage storage.

i. During the coronavirus epidemic prevention period, if necessary, please bring your own personal items such as masks and hand soap to ensure your health and safety

j. Payment method:

Credit card payment: only applicable for day trips. Please click on the pageDeparture dateversusCar models, And then you will go to the checkout page, you can use your credit card to complete the payment.

Bank transfer: Applicable to multi-day tours. We will provide you with the order and payment method, you can use the information on the order to complete the remittance.

【Description of Returning to Change】

This is a customized private itinerary. We provide personalized services between tourists before the trip and the itinerary, and try to meet the different needs of each group of guests. Because the service content is different from the standard group, the fee refund and change rules are also different. Please refer to the description below for details.

a. If you apply for cancellation 7 days before the departure date (168 hours ago), the total fee of 50% will be charged.

b. If you apply for cancellation within 7 days of the departure date (within 168 hours, including the day of use), no refund will be given.

c. If due to force majeure factors, we take the initiative to request cancellation of the itinerary and will refund the full amount (third-party factors such as strikes are not included).

d. Itinerary from August to December 31, 2020, such asTouristDue to the COVID-19 factor, the initiative to cancel the itinerary, the total cost of 25% will be charged. Please apply for cancellation 14 days prior to the departure date (336 hours before); if you apply for cancellation within 14 days of the departure date (within 336 hours, including the day of use), the refund and modification methods are the same as a and b.

e. To cancel the itinerary, pleasee-mailContact our team, thank you.

[Registration Form]

To register, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Or contact our team via email (

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23 reviews for 【 英國中文包車深度遊 】私人訂製旅遊服務

  1. Vivian Lin

    Thank you very much for the help of the JOIN ME team. From the very beginning, it was very nice! The journey also shared a lot of stories in the UK, which made our trip very grounded!

  2. Hope Shyu

    Thank you very much for the wonderful 4-day trip to Kozwo led by Dan! Thank you for your professionalism and warmth!

  3. Theresa

    This trip to England is very rich and very fulfilling. Thank God for giving us good weather, and we can enjoy God's creation with great pleasure. And we have prepared Dan as our guide, all the way to introduce and explain historical sights, and carefully drive for us, fight a lot of trivia, introduce many delicious restaurants, and enjoy the journey without any worries. A happy trip.

  4. Catherine

    I am very grateful to JOIN ME for carefully arranging all our trips in the UK, enjoying Michelin Samsung, enjoying the general civilian cuisine, and a lot of sights, so that we are very happy to spend the day in the UK, thanks to the DAN and JOIN ME team. Everyone

  5. Chengjui

    Thanks to the JOIN ME team, especially Dan's guide, in addition to driving technology is super excellent, I have been sleeping all the way without watching the scenery, people are also very interesting super nice, the best is that if you do not have time to do your homework, give it to JOIN The ME team came to arrange, we went from Edinburgh to the Scottish Highlands to the Lake District, a full depth tour! Really highly recommended!

  6. Lina

    With the accompanying Serina in these two days, our trip to the UK has been enhanced. Joinme is very careful from the previous communication itinerary. The company is also very caring and will care about the parents of the peers. I was the first traveler to use the service. After all, I was unfamiliar in the UK and didn't want to go with the group (but I didn't have friends in the UK). The result is very much like this arrangement, everyone in joinme is super friendly!

  7. Miao w

    First of all, thank you Dan and his colleagues for giving us a perfect 7-day travel experience.
    Dan's service is professional and friendly! In the past few days, both children really liked Dan’s company!

    Thanks to Dan's colleagues for customizing a unique trip according to our two 6 big 2 small favorites! These people who have stayed in the UK for a long time have added many different "British stories".

    I hope that you will keep your heart and business booming!

  8. Laila

    I am very grateful to Dan and Joe for setting up a 7-day deep tour of England to Edinburgh for children. I am very happy. Special thanks to Dan's intimate companions and guides over the past few days, and in a vivid language, we have gained a deeper understanding of the customs and history of the UK. After the children grow up, they should continue to follow Dan to visit more areas and learn more about the human landscape.

    Thank you!

  9. Qiu Wen

    Very happy experience, very satisfied with the service of join me. We had a very good time on the email from the beginning. Thank you, Joe for understanding our needs and planning the trip for us. I also had a great time under the leadership of Leo. I didn’t know that there were so many beautiful scenery in the UK. Professional service, thank you.

  10. Eva

    The four-day tour with Leo was very enjoyable. I really like join me planning a trip to the UK for us. I will have to trouble you again next time, Thanks!

  11. David Lin

    Very good tour. Beautiful scenery and nice weather.

  12. Guo Yancai

    Thanks to the careful arrangement of the Join me team, and thank you for the warm and convenient tour of Dan for three days. The trip to the Three-Day Lake District National Park allows us to see the beauty of the English town and the hilly grasslands, but the most amazing is the lakeside scenery. Finally, I would like to thank Dan for his kind and thoughtful service. After we return to Taiwan, we will introduce interested friends and relatives to come and experience your tour.

  13. Winnie Lin

    He is very professional, nice, knowledgeable. Our family enjoyed the Lake District tour very much. He put up with the eight of us

  14. Guo Zhanchen

    Thanks to Dan for three days of companionship~ Have a good time~ Have fun

  15. Yang Shanting

    I am grateful for the trip arranged by Aden. It is very fulfilling and fun. It is good to eat every day. It also explains the history and culture of the UK. It also constantly reminds us of the things we should pay attention to after we take the trip. It introduces delicious, fun and beautiful. Point, the process is also constantly concerned about the situation of everyone's play, really great, next time you go to the UK, you have to rely on you, please continue to cheer in the UK, oh, we will see you next time in the UK

  16. Weismall

    Thanks to JOIN ME for letting us travel in the UK and have a great time!

  17. Chen Yizhen

    Traveling is from a familiar and annoying place to a place where others are bored. However, Dian has always been passionate about travel, and he is doing a good job of introducing and reminding him. He is a good guide. He has never been to a place where he has never been to experience his unfamiliar life style.

  18. Shirley Hsiao

    Dan is a great guide, passionate about travel and work, and getting along with friends like a friend. Thank you for your service and making our trip full of wonderful memories.

  19. Mandy

    Many thanks to Dan for his patience and detailed introduction👍

  20. Joanna Liao

    I found you in Taiwan through the website, and when I entered the page, I was attracted by the simple text and rich graphics! The customer service is very warm and cordial, carefully listening to the requirements we need, helping us to solve the difficulties~~ The confirmation letter before the departure is more detailed and complete. I have a full trust in the UK and I am looking forward to it. This trip!
    The company was very professional and caring, and the members were very appreciative. We only provided rough and big sights before departure. I didn’t expect Dan to arrange many private routes for us. It really made us very excited and excited!
    This time, the members have a honeymoon, a second honeymoon and a three-month honeymoon~ Thank you for letting us have so many happy and happy memories❤️
    I hope that I will have the opportunity to ask you for service in the future!

  21. Ryan liao

    I am very happy to choose JOIN ME for arranging our honeymoon, saving the chance of trouble of self-driving and wasting time for searching direction. We visited a lot of hidden gems and the characteristic towns! The kind nature of Taiwanese people in Dan makes us happy and comfortable for a few days! The itinerary is in line with the situation, very relaxing and not urging, it is recommended to friends who want to travel to the UK and experience culture!

  22. Hank

    This time, the whole family of 10 people went abroad together. For the first time, they didn't go with the group. Because there were children, it was not convenient to go with the group. I was a bit nervous at the beginning. I used a customized service for the first time. However, during the process of contact, the customer service spoke very clearly. I can see that my intentions have given me a lot of peace of mind. It is really a lot of pressure to arrange family travel. Fortunately, the family had a great time. Serina also took us to the secret spot. Thank you for walking to make us have such a great memory. By the way, I admire the winter in Britain. It is so beautiful.

  23. Zhao Mohan

    Thank you very much for the meticulous arrangement of the Join Me team. First of all, thank you Joe for his careful schedule planning, so that the middle-aged uncle's dream-seeking journey can have a good start, but also thanks to Dan's professional and considerate care, which makes the schedule full of surprise and joy. Listening to stories and stories of middle-aged uncles along the way, also made me deeply feel the local culture and traditions, absorb a lot of new knowledge, and make this trip of wine and incense unparalleled memories, thank you, look forward to the near future We will meet again in the future.

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