British Chinese chartered tour | ☆ with local companion, private custom travel service

10 hours
From £340 - £490
Edinburgh, Newcastle/Newcastle, York
England, Scotland
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- £40.00
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£40.00 Per person
Departure from
2019-10-01 To 2019-12-31


Chinese to accompany the car service, for your private custom travel itinerary, suitable for friends, family travel. There are few Chinese chartered buses in the UK for the services of North England and Scotland. Suitable for those who love to experience the local customs. I hope that during your journey, you can let go of the road, travel, or transportation troubles and enjoy every attraction. We are like a friend to assist you. Warm and friendly is the special feature of JOIN ME.

【Service Content】

The service content is divided into two phases.
Before the trip, assist you with the route and transportation problems; make your trip convenient and smooth during the journey, and effectively master the limited travel time.

The role of the company is like your local friend.
Beforehand, we will assist the tourists to arrange the itinerary. We hope that when you visit, you don't have to worry about traffic problems. During the tour, you will be taken to the designated place to visit and provide suggestions for each stop. We also like to Visitors share British culture and small stories, and enjoy the scenery while being more integrated into the local atmosphere. The nature of the tour is different from that of the tour guide. This service contains an introduction to the attraction, but does not provide an in-depth explanation of each attraction.

【Service area】

One-day tour: North Newcastle (Newcastle) / Lake District / York / Scotland, Edinburgh, etc.

Multi-day tour: London/Bath/Kozwo/Oxford/Cambridge/Scotland Glasgow/Aberdeen, Scotland

Other parts of the UK, such as Wells, (North) Ireland and other places accompanying chartered services, are also welcome to contact us.

*From June 2019, North England to Scotland outside Scotland, only acceptedMore than 2 daysCharter service.


5-seater car, which can accommodate 24 吋 2 pieces of luggage when fully loaded. For each additional one, you can add another one.24吋Baggage.

7-seat business RV, can accommodate luggage when fully loaded24吋2 pieces, each additional one person, can add 1 more24吋Baggage.

9-person business car, can accommodate luggage under full vehicle status28吋6 pieces, each additional one person, can add 1 more28吋Baggage.

For groups of 9 or more, a bus service for 16-52 people is available. Please fill out the form below to inquire and there will be someone to serve you.

[price calculation]

5-seater car | October-May (£340 per car per day); June-September (£380 per car per day)

7-seat business RV | October-May (£350 per car per day); June-September (£390 per car per day)

9-person business RV | October-May (£450 per car per day); June-September (£490 per car per day)

[Travel and Days]

We will provide professional travel advice for your needs and tailor-made for you. (Click here for an example of the tour route)

Days suggestion

The journey spans South and North England and is recommended for at least 5 days.

The journey spans North England, Scotland and the Highlands and is recommended for at least 7 days.



[Expense description]

a. Service hours 08:00-18:00. For services from 18:01 to 22:00, an additional charge is required for an additional £20 per half hour.

b. The cost includes a travel distance of 250 kilometers per day, more than 250 kilometers, and 0.6 pounds per kilometer.

c. If the timeout and the number of kilometers used simultaneously occur, they will be charged at the discretion of the higher price. Single day calculation.

d. The fee includes the itinerary planning, private accommodation, chartered service (car, oil, parking, car insurance).

e. The fee does not include meals, attractions tickets, other personal consumption expenses, personal travel insurance, it is recommended to purchase personal travel insurance before going abroad.

f. The fee does not include accommodation fees. It is recommended to order it yourself after the itinerary is confirmed.

g. This service does not provide accommodation and ticket booking.

h. The fee does not include a tip. If you like the service we offer, it is recommended that each visitor has a daily tip of £5 (including the driver, the accompanying/guided tip).

i. The carry-on and checked baggage are not responsible for the custody.

[Return instructions]

a. If you apply for cancellation 7 days before departure (168 hours ago), 50% of the total fee will be charged

b. If the application is cancelled within 7 days of departure (within 168 hours) (including the date of use), no refund will be given.

c. If we force the cancellation of the itinerary due to any force majeure factor, we will refund the full amount (the third party strike is not included)

【common problem】

♦ Click here to see the product question and answer ♦
Or fill out the form below

[Private hire consultation]


Jul 2019 update

10 reviews for 英國中文包車遊|☆ 含地陪、私人訂製旅行服務

  1. Vivian Lin

    Thank you very much for the help of the JOIN ME team. From the very beginning, it was very nice! The journey also shared a lot of stories in the UK, which made our trip very grounded!

  2. Hope Shyu

    Thank you very much for the wonderful 4-day trip to Kozwo led by Dan! Thank you for your professionalism and warmth!

  3. Theresa

    This trip to England is very rich and very fulfilling. Thank God for giving us good weather, and we can enjoy God's creation with great pleasure. And we have prepared Dan as our guide, all the way to introduce and explain historical sights, and carefully drive for us, fight a lot of trivia, introduce many delicious restaurants, and enjoy the journey without any worries. A happy trip.

  4. Catherine

    I am very grateful to JOIN ME for carefully arranging all our trips in the UK, enjoying Michelin Samsung, enjoying the general civilian cuisine, and a lot of sights, so that we are very happy to spend the day in the UK, thanks to the DAN and JOIN ME team. Everyone

  5. Chengjui (Verified owner)

    Thanks to the JOIN ME team, especially Dan's guide, in addition to driving technology is super excellent, I have been sleeping all the way without watching the scenery, people are also very interesting super nice, the best is that if you do not have time to do your homework, give it to JOIN The ME team came to arrange, we went from Edinburgh to the Scottish Highlands to the Lake District, a full depth tour! Really highly recommended!

  6. Lina

    With the accompanying Serina in these two days, our trip to the UK has been enhanced. Joinme is very careful from the previous communication itinerary. The company is also very caring and will care about the parents of the peers. I was the first traveler to use the service. After all, I was unfamiliar in the UK and didn't want to go with the group (but I didn't have friends in the UK). The result is very much like this arrangement, everyone in joinme is super friendly!

  7. Miao w

    First of all, thank you Dan and his colleagues for giving us a perfect 7-day travel experience.
    Dan's service is professional and friendly! In the past few days, both children really liked Dan’s company!

    Thanks to Dan's colleagues for customizing a unique trip according to our two 6 big 2 small favorites! These people who have stayed in the UK for a long time have added many different "British stories".

    I hope that you will keep your heart and business booming!

  8. Laila

    I am very grateful to Dan and Joe for setting up a 7-day deep tour of England to Edinburgh for children. I am very happy. Special thanks to Dan's intimate companions and guides over the past few days, and in a vivid language, we have gained a deeper understanding of the customs and history of the UK. After the children grow up, they should continue to follow Dan to visit more areas and learn more about the human landscape.

    Thank you!

  9. Qiu Wen

    Very happy experience, very satisfied with the service of join me. We had a very good time on the email from the beginning. Thank you, Joe for understanding our needs and planning the trip for us. I also had a great time under the leadership of Leo. I didn’t know that there were so many beautiful scenery in the UK. Professional service, thank you.

  10. Eva

    The four-day tour with Leo was very enjoyable. I really like join me planning a trip to the UK for us. I will have to trouble you again next time, Thanks!

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