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Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle is also translated as Newcastle and Newcastle, located in the northeast of England. In terms of population, it is the eighth largest city in the UK. Grainger Town in the city centre has many well-preserved George and Victorian buildings. Newcastle is famous for its nightlife in Europe, and many tourists choose to spend their weekend holidays here.

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Newcastle Upon TyneLocated at the border of England and Scotland, it has played an important role since the Roman Empire. Hadrian, the then monarch, built the nearby Hadrian's Wall for 73 miles, mainly to defend the enemy from the north, and was the most important military camp of the time. Then, from 410 AD to 1485 AD, during the Anglo-Saxon and Norman periods, Newcastle was always tasked with defending the North. 

In 1080 AD, the Normans built a wooden castle on the base of the original Roman barracks. In 1172, the Normans built a new castle with stone. The Normans called it "New Castle". New Castle's city name was born. Now, you can also see the "New Castle" figure, Castle Keep next to St Nicholas Cathedral is the remains of New Castle at that time. 

The 18th to 19th centuries coincided with the industrial revolution. Newcastle was well-known for its shipbuilding industry and steam trains because of its geographical advantage and developed port transportation. It had greatly contributed to the British economy at the time. Today, Newcastle has become a business centre in north-east England and is committed to building a city of science and technology and innovation. It is also actively promoting environmental protection programmes, with the goal of becoming the first carbon-free city in the UK.


Delicious and fun traditional market

The 180-year-old Grainger Market is located in the city center. It sells a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and meat, as well as many small restaurants and takeaways. It is a traditional market that locals must visit. There is a pizza shop called "Slice Pizza", which is rated by Google at 4.8 stars, which is delicious!

address Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5QQ
Opening hours Monday to Saturday 9:00-17:30

紐卡斯爾 Newcastle:中央拱廊商店街(Central Arcade)

Central Arcade Shopping Street Central Arcade

Central Arcade Shopping Street is also in the city center,It's diagonally opposite Granger Market, and it's about a minute's walk between the two. Shopping StreetAn Edwardian building, built in 1837, it used to be a commercial exchange, newspaper and art gallery, and it is classically decorated. Existing music equipment stores, souvenir shops and Newcastle tourist information centres.

Opening hours
 9:00-17: 00

Theatre Royal

Located on Grey Street, it is one of the few remaining traditional theatres in England; the theatre is also an important base for the Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre in the north of England; more than 300 performances per year Stage stage musical.

address 100 Grey St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6BR

Newcastle, Newcastle: Theatre Royal in Newcastle

Riverside Quayside

The riverside pier was originally a port trading area, located on the banks of the River Tyne. On this side, Newcastle and Gateshead are on both sides.

On the Newcastle side, there are many restaurants, pubs and afternoon tea restaurants. There is also the Sunday Market on Sundays. There are a lot of handmade products to dig treasures, as well as authentic food, which is expected every Sunday. One of the activities! Newcastle is opposite Gateshead, with the famous art gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and the concert hall Sage.

Let's go! Quiet and healing mini-group tour


Europe's largest open-air playground! The Hoppings

The Hoppings is Europe's largest open-air playground, held every year in Newcastle in June. It has been more than 135 years old, with as many as 60 rides, various types of food vendors, singers, and makeshift beer houses. Adults and children can have fun,Attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year.

location  Town moor
time Every June(Cancelled due to COVID-19 in 2020)

Aviation Show: Sunderland Airshow 2020

Sunderland, near Newcastle, hosts the Sunderland Air Show every July and is one of Europe's largest aviation shows, dating back 30 years. The highlight of the aviation show is Red Arrows, which, when flying handsomely, is also full of color in the sky, which is amazing.

Nearby subway station Seaburn Metro Station
time 2020/7/24-26 (Cancelled due to COVID-19 in 2020)

Marathon: Great North Run

One of the largest half marathons in the world, held every September in Newcastle. Its predecessor was the Gateshead Fun Run, and the first Great North Run officially debuted in 1981, with an influx of 12,000 runners. Today, the Great North Run is not only a glory in the northeast of England, but also a spiritual symbol.

location  Newcastle – South Shields
time September each year

great north run


Bar Food: Ship Inn

Ship The Inn is located next to Ouseburn Farm and the food is delicious and reasonably priced. Most recommend it's Mexican cornflakes,Avocado, cheese and many spices, with crispy friedCorn flakes, delicious and crispy, but not greasy!

address  Stepney Bank, Newcastle, NE1 2PW
Price reference  Mexican Corn Flakes £6 | Light Beer: About £3 (1 pint)

Tea House: Quilliam Brothers

Quilliam Brothers – Teahouse Located near Newcastle University, the store offers more than 60 loose leaf teas, including English breakfast tea, spiced Indian tea, and Taiwanese oolong tea! The meal is refreshing and well-suited for a breakfast date.

address 1, Eldon Place, Claremont Buildings, Newcastle, NE1 7RD
Price reference About £10/person

Afternoon Tea Recommended: Olive & Bean

Located in the city centre, it has a 12-year history and is full of meals, including breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. The restaurant is elegantly decorated and is located in a traditional building in Granger City, with two floors. There are a lot of seats, but they are often full. Self-produced pastries are very popular, there is also English afternoon tea, cakes, scotts, sandwiches, etc., a lot of weight.

address 17-19 Clayton St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5PN
Price reference About £10/person

Olive & Bean has a good atmosphere and a moderate price. Afternoon tea is rich in content and has lots of desserts, scones, cakes and sandwiches.



From other cities to Newcastle, it is most convenient to take the train. From EnglandLondonThe journey from London King's Cross to Newcastle/Newcastle Central Station takes approximately 3.5 hours. From Edinburgh Waverley Station in Edinburgh, Scotland, to Newcastle/Newcastle Central Station, the journey takes approximately 1.5 hours.Trains are floating fares, it is recommended to use the train APP (Trainline) to inquire and book tickets.


The name of the subway in northeast England is Tyne and Wear Metro, the second largest metro system in the UK, second only toLondon. It runs through Newcastle, Gainehead, South Tyneside, North Tyneside and Sunderland. The subway is also connected to the airport, with a total of about 60 stations.

Tips & Tricks


Geordie refers to the local people in the northeast of England. They have their own dialects and a unique accent. They are called Geordie accent. Today, Geordie is still in use, like Aye means Yes, Hopping means Fair, and Toon is Town. The picture is a brochure introducing Geordie culture.

Football: Newcastle United

One of the most talked about topics for many people in England is football, especially when the English Premier League kicks off! Whenever the football team Newcastle United plays in Newcastle, fans across the city will fall into madness, waving flags. When you come to Newcastle, you have the opportunity to watch the game live.

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