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Irish In-Depth Tour|Healing Waterfalls Recommended by Local People (Friend Article)

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One day in the afternoon of Darry, I made a temporary trip to the Glenevin Waterfall. The Glenn Falls is located in Donegal, Ireland, and is a 45-minute drive from Darry. The Glenn Falls is a beautiful and well-maintained area with a car park and cafe outside the area. The waterfall area is sparsely populated. Because it is remote, almost only the nearby residents will come, but I have only been to know that the scenery is really beautiful!

The waterfall trail is about 30 minutes back and forth, and the scenery along the road is like a paradise. Go up the trail along the stream path and there are many characteristic rocky walls and grassland trees. It’s really amazing to be awesome in nature, and it’s also spectacular.

In addition to rock landscaping, the vegetation here is also very dense, because the time is winter, adding a cold atmosphere; if it is summer, it should be a piece of green, feeling a lot worse! There are also many Elf huts along the road. When you take the waterfall trail, you can also find a cabin, which is quite interesting.

At the end, it is a waterfall. In the summer with full sunshine, it will be another feeling, but you can still play with water! There is also a monument next to the waterfall to illustrate the origin of the waterfall: this waterfall was discovered and built by Doris from the United States; the admirable Ms. Doris died the year before, but the waterfall was taken over by the locals and is still advancing or expanding. In the rest area, you can enjoy beautiful scenery.

Reasons for Jerry to recommend Glenevin Waterfall:The beautiful and well-maintained waterfall area is sparsely populated and walks for a short time, but it is a surprise step by step. There are many elves in the road waiting for you to discover. Although the waterfall is not big, it has a flavor of paradise, it is worth a visit. .

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