North Yorkshire is the birthplace of the well-known Bettys Café Tea Rooms. The beautiful scenery has attracted the star Jay Chou to a wedding reception here, and the movie version of "Harry Potter" has also been filmed here!

North Yorkshire 丨 350 Million Years Boulders, Birthplace of Centennial Tea House | 3D2N

By Dan Chen, Serina Su

North Yorkshire has fantastic scenery, with natural boulders that existed 350 million years ago, the spa town of Harrogate, and Bolton Abbey by the river.

From London (London) to North Yorkshire, the road takes about 5 hours, from Edinburgh, and the road takes about 4 hours. If you want to finish 7 attractions, it is recommended to plan at least 3 days and 2 nights.

Route planning: The recommendations are divided into east and west sides.
East sideCastle Howard,Whitby and Goathland.

▍ 1. Great Luxury Mansion: Howard Castle Castle Howard

Howard Castle was built in the 18th century and has a history of about 300 years. It is a private luxury home of the Howard family. Its fine construction methods are known as one of the greatest buildings in Europe. The interior is noble and elegant, and when you enter it, it feels like breaking into a movie scene; the Italy behind the building is a garden, and the rose garden is a highlight. This is also where singer Jay Chou holds a wedding reception.

Fees | There are tickets for visiting luxury homes and gardens, as well as tickets for purely garden visits. Details can be found.Official websiteInquire.

▍ 2. The birthplace of the Duke of the Vampire: Whitby Whitby

Whitby is a coastal town. Take the North York Wilderness Railroad and the final stop is Whitby. Under the beautiful scenery, the most famous is the vampire legend: Duke Dracula.

When Irish writer Bram Stoker visited Whitby Abbey in 1890, he created Dracula, a Gothic novel based on vampires. His novels and plays were welcomed, which also made Whitby more popular than this ancient fishing village.

▍ 3. Harry Potter "Live Rice Village" scene: Gothland railway station

Goathland station is about an hour's drive from downtown York. It is a scene from the filming of the village of Hogsmeade in the movie "Harry Potter." Goslan and Whitby can play together on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Get directions and fares| go toNYMROfficial website

Route planning: The recommendations are divided into east and west sides.
To the west are Knaresborough, Harrogate, Brimham Rocks, and Bolton Abbey.

▍ 4. Classical town: Knaresborough, Knaresborough

The town has dense medieval streets and historical sites worth visiting, such as Knaresborough Castle. Every year in July and August, the FEVA Art Festival is held here, combining visual arts, music and crafts, etc., is a feast of entertainment art, attracting many people to come. Beside River Nidd, there is a homeCafeMarigold Cafe & Boating provides boating services from March to October every year, and people are welcome to bring their dogs together.

▍ 5. Resort: Harrogate Harrogate

Harrogate has been a popular attraction since ancient times, and has been a popular resort for high society. The town is beautiful and laid back. The Turkish baths, which opened in 1897, are still popular today. Looking for a traditional Turkish bath for health? Don't miss Harrogate.

Food recommendation: Chinese restaurant & bar remodeled in the Royal Baths

Many of the baths here have been converted to other uses, such as Chinese restaurants. The western and western buildings are impressive, and the taste of the meals is also very good. There is also a bar, which used to be part of the baths! In addition, Harrogate is the birthplace of the famous York Betty Tea House, and it is the best business on the entire street!

▍ 6. 怪石嶙峋: Brimham Rocks Brimham Rocks

FromYorkA friend from Yorkshire told us that Brimham Rock is a must-see for locals to teach outside the school. There are natural boulders that were formed 350 million years ago during the Ice Age.

On the field visit, the stones are peculiarly shaped and very towering, like traveling through a giant maze. Because of the glaciers and wind erosion over the years, the stones have been sculpted into unique shapes, so the stones have been given exclusive names, such as Druids Writing Desk (ET), Dancing bear, and so on. Walking along the line guided by the official website of Brimham Rocks, it is possible to find out each "character" in a line. Interaction with nature makes people feel wonderful and full of fun.

Fees | Free tickets

▍ 7. Super healing! Bolton Abbey Bolton Abbey

Located on the banks of the River Wharfe, it covers an area of 30,000 acres. Strolling in this vast scenery, lovely sheep, the monastery's ruins, the river that flows endlessly, and the romantic woods are in sight. The natural scenery is pleasing to the eye and makes people feel very relaxed.

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