Come to the beautiful world cultural heritage city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and start playing from the royal mile in the center of the old town, revealing its wonderful story.

Edinburgh | 6 highlights of the Royal Mile

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Edinburgh(Edinburgh) has been the capital of Scotland since the 15th century. There are two main areas in the city, New Town and Old Town, with different architectural styles; the former is eye-catching with neoclassical elegance, and the latter With the majesty of the Middle Ages, the entire city is a world cultural heritage. This article departs from Waverley Railway Station and takes you straight to the Royal Mile in the heart of the old town.

EdinburghWaverley Railway Station (Edinburgh Waverley Station) Located in the city center, there is a narrow and long ladder opposite Market Street (Market Street) outside the station, walking up will enter the Royal Mile.According to BBC News, more than 30 million tourists came here in 2017.EdinburghThe classic walking tour of the city starts here!

Since the 12th century, the Royal Mile has been the main road in the city of Edinburgh. It is still the most lively street in the area. In addition to many gift shops and restaurants, there are museums, churches and historically important buildings and statues along the way. The end of the avenue is connected to Edinburgh Castle. Every August the Tattoo and the Edinburgh Festival fringe are held here. There are 5 highlights on this lively avenue, recommended to you.

1. St Gile Cathedral

In 1124, St. Gil's Cathedral was established. According to its official website, St. Gil's Cathedral was invaded and burned by the English army in 1322. Later,EdinburghThe merchants assisted in the reconstruction. With the changes of the times, and after many expansion projects, it has become what we see today.

On the ground near the entrance of St. Gil Cathedral, there is a heart-shaped mosaic tile (Heart of Midlothian). Love is harmonious, but the story behind it is a bit heavy. According to Edinburgh Evening News, in the past, this was the place where prisoners executed death row prisoners. Heart-shaped mosaics were used to mark the location of prisoners. Therefore, there are legends that people are a little taboo to cross this love. However, this love is now generally regarded as a symbol of good luck. In any case, Heart of Midlothian is a striking symbol that symbolizesEdinburghPart of the story.

2. Parliament Hall, the former site of the Scottish Parliament

Walk to the back of St. Gil's Church and you will see a vast square with a statue in the middle of the square. This is the old Scottish Parliament building, built in 1639. Although the parliament has been relocated, the buildings here are still in use and are now the offices of lawyers and are also open for free.

3. Adam Smith Statue

Continue toEdinburghWalking in the direction of the castle, you will see two celebrity statues that have an important influence on Scotland, Adam Smith and David Hume. The two were friends during their lifetime, and the bronze statue was also produced by the Scottish sculptor Alexander Stoddart.

Adam Smith is a Scottish philosophy and economist. His masterpiece is "The Wealth of Nations" in 1776. He studied at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and the University of Oxford in England, and later taught at The University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow, respectively. Adam Smith's influence on world economics is far-reaching, and he is also the promoter of free trade. He died in Edinburgh after his death in 1790. His statue was unveiled in 2008 in Edinburgh.

4. David Hume

David Hume is a Scottish philosophy, history and economist. His writings include "The History of England" and "A Treatise of Human Nature". The statue of David Hume was completed in the mid-1990s, and a Romanesque costume and exposed toe fingers added many topics to the statue. According to the Daily Mail report, many tourists are convinced that touching David Hume ’s toes can bring good luck, and a large number of philosophy students touch the toes specially before the exam to pray to get like him The wisdom of passing the exam smoothly makes its toes shine. However, David Hume emphasizes empiricism and is also considered to be an important influencer of skepticism. It is conceivable that if David Hume talks with people who are superstitious about his statue toes, I do n’t know what spark will be there?

5. Real Mary Kings Close

There is a street between the two statuesBuried under the bustling avenue, And stays exactly like the 17th century,It's hard to imagine. streetReproduce the scene of people ’s lives at that time, and the story of the plague, so that the people have the experience of experiencing the past and returning to Edinburgh ’s old times. With a professional tour guide, explore Edinburgh ’s most unknown story through a 1-hour underground tour.

6. Edinburgh Castle

The castle standing on the old volcano gives a very majestic feeling from the inside out. Standing in the castle is like standingEdinburghAt the commanding heights of the city, you can clearly see the panoramic view of the city, showing its key position.In the military, in the past, controlling the castle was tantamount to governing the kingdom. In the Wars of Independence, its fate was more ruthless and experienced different controllers.The castle still retains some of its military functions, and it also has sightseeing features that are popular with tourists from all over the world. According to BBC News,EdinburghThe castle attracts more than 2 million visitors each year and is Scotland's most popular paid attraction.

After visiting the castle, the Royal Mile journey is successfully completed! Next, head to the Grassmarket at the back of the castle. There is a well-known bar "The Last Drop", where the cruel history is recorded behind the drinking song, and the highly popular loyal dog "Barbie" is waiting for you to take a photo with it.

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