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The Scottish Highlands are blessed with good mountains and water. The climate and terrain create unique landscapes, and at the same time make them a holy place for food, seafood such as mussels, scallops, salmon, meat such as lamb and Angus cattle, drinks such as whiskey and beer . In this article, I will recommend you what are the must-eat good flavors.

Scottish Highlands | Michelin-level mountain and seafood

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Thousands of years ago, the highland people were mainly hunting and semi-nomadic, and wild boar, deer, cattle and mutton were important ingredients. Today, meat still occupies an important position. In addition, its location is close to the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and the catch is abundant, while crabs, lobsters, scallops and mussels are also common. The Gulf Stream along the western coast allows the warmth of the Highlands to be warmer than that of the same latitudes. The highest average temperature in winter is about 5 degrees Celsius and 17 degrees in summer, with salmon, trout and squid. In the highlands, the first thing to experience is seafood.

▍Popular famous shop

On the menus of many restaurants, you will see traces of mussels. In the small town of Portree, there is a popular restaurant, Cuchullin Restaurant. As long as it is a meal, you will see a crowd full of people. Because of its fair price and excellent service, many people will come here to taste seafood and fish cakes. Mussels and seafood platters are popular dishes! The fleshy Q of the fresh mussels is fat and delicious, and it tastes fresh and sweet. It is a good idea to come to Portree, but it is recommended to book in advance to avoid squatting.

address Wentworth St, Portree, IV51 9EJ

▍Fish and chips: Caledonian Cafe

Also located in the small town of Portree, next to the Cuchullin Restaurant, the Scottish breakfast and traditional scones of potato scones are available, and the fish and chips are affordable. Fish and chips in Scotland are usually eaten from the North Sea, haddock, which is more dry and more chewy.

address  Wentworth St, Portree, IV51 9EJ

▍Michelin certification: Kinloch Lodge

Under the leadership of Chef Marcello Tully, this restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star for 7 consecutive years. The same is the main ingredient in the local food, the menu is changed daily. The surrounding environment is very quiet, like a paradise. In the 19th century, the Kinloch Lodge was originally the residence of a duke in the northern Scottish Highlands and later changed to a restaurant. Dining here is a special experience, the staff will take you to an exclusive room, enjoy a snack and wait for a meal before heading to the restaurant for a main meal. The lunch price is between £40 and £45 and the dinner is £85. The service is friendly and professional.

address A851, Sleat, Isle of Skye IV43 8QY

▍Scottish country pub: Hotel Eilean Larmain

This is a bar attached to the restaurant, and the meals are wonderful from the appetizer to the main meal! The grilled scallops have a distinct layered texture and a sweet taste; Cullen Skink is rich in ingredients, such as salmon, potatoes, onions, and cheese. It is sweet and rich, eaten with bread, so satisfying . Bread is included with any order, and the caramel cream with the bread is classic. At the entrance, the caramel aroma erupts with the melted cream, and the lips and teeth remain fragrant after eating. It is a pleasant surprise. The price of each appetizer is around £ 10, and the main meal is between £ 20 and £ 30. Decorated with a rural atmosphere in Scotland, the staff are very enthusiastic, the overall atmosphere is comfortable and lively, as if it includes all kinds of reasons why we like Scotland.

address Sleat, Isleornsay, Isle of Skye IV43 8QR

▍National cuisine! When whiskey meets chocolate and haggis

Scotland's water quality is good, and the world of whisky that is bred is known as the “Water of Life”. It has a long history and can be traced back to the 15th century. Old Scottish people have a saying: Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky (today's rain is tomorrow's whisky). Not only reveals the important position of whisky in Scotland, but also makes people feel their Lotte character, look at the changing weather, and be super optimistic.

Whisky is also often used to enter the dish. The Scottish national cuisine haggis is often used with whisky sauce. It is very good! Although the whisky made in Taiwan is not inferior, but to come to this treasured place of whisky, it is not uncommon to taste it, a bite of wine, a bite of chocolate, and warm and warm, worth the experience.

The Scottish Highlands have been hailed as a gourmet destination in recent years. Many restaurants and bars use fresh ingredients and emphasize seasonal menus, making them more and more popular. The Tree Chimneys, which opened in 1985, is a very local restaurant. Not only does Michelin give high praise, but the British local star standard AA (British Automobile Association) also gives Samsung affirmation.

Eating is definitely the essence of the journey. It has the finishing touch and is an important element of the cultural experience, because many old stories are hidden in food. What is the origin of haggis for Scottish breakfast? I heard that the Vikings brought the concept of smoke to Scotland? Why is peat and whisky combined? Take a trip to the highlands with a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. Not only is the beauty of the scenery, but your taste buds will also be more satisfying than ever.

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