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Belfast belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and in recent years a survey has pointed out that this is the happiest city in the UK.The main shooting scene of the well-known album "The Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" is in Northern Ireland, so there are many related itineraries to choose from.

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The history of Belfast began in 1613 AD, when King James I awarded a Royal Charter to confer the status of Belfast town. At that time, the residents were mainly Englishmen, Scots, and Manxmen.

In 1888, Belfast's population, economy, and heavy industry grew rapidly, so it was upgraded from a town to a city. In 1921, it became the capital of Northern Ireland. Historically, Belfast's textile, tobacco, and shipbuilding industries have been well developed, and the Titanic / Titanic was built here. In the early 20th century, Belfast's shipbuilding industry was the world's largest producer.

However, from 1968 to 1998, during the Northern Ireland issue (The Troubles), a long period of civil war and violent conflict led to the economic shutdown of Belfast until the Northern Ireland government signed a Belfast Agreement with the Irish and British governments Later, peace was restored in Northern Ireland. Nowadays, it is the political and economic center of Northern Ireland, an important educational town and a tourist city.


Belfast City Hall Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall is one of Belfast's most iconic buildings, and the main design of the main vault is inspired by St. Paul's Cathedral in London, featuring the development of Belfast. history.

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00|Saturday to Sunday 10:00-17:00
Ticket fee free

Belfast: Belfast City Hall.

Titanic Memorial Titanic Belfast

The Titanic/Titanic Memorial is located in the Titanic District. The interactive facilities allow visitors to fully understand the Titanic's self-construction, navigation, shipwreck and subsequent rescue processes.

Tickets to the memorial can also be used to visit the nearby Nomalic Belfast, a small sister cruise on the Titanic. They are from the same designer. The interior is similar in appearance to the exterior, but the size is probably It is a quarter of the Titanic.

Ticket fare Adult £19|Children (5-16 years old) £8.5|Student, respect for the elderly (Monday to Friday only) £15.5

Check opening hours

Botanical Garden Belfast Botanic Gardens

The Belfast Botanical Garden was built in 1828. It is home to many southern hemisphere and Asian plants. It displays a wide variety of flowers and has a good interior design. It is not only popular with local residents, but also many tourists come here. The Ulster Museum is located in the Botanical Garden.

Opening hours Monday to Sunday 07:30-21:30

Botanic Gardens
Belfast: Pub Street Commercial Court

Commercial Court, Bar Street, Belfast

Located in the Cathedral Quater, it is lively during the day and night. There are several bars and rich installations on this street. Many people like to sit outside and have a drink. One of them is the Duke of York, a traditional Belfast bar, which is very popular.

Recommended by locals

Marty is from Ireland. She studied in Belfast and is familiar with the local area. Under his guidance, we fully experienced Irish enthusiasm! The filming scenes of Game of Thrones and the Titanic Memorial are the most memorable!


Belfast Christmas Market

Entering November every year, there is a strong Christmas atmosphere, a little light ceremony, and an exciting Christmas market all over the UK! Belfast is no exception, this year will be held from November 16th, come to drink a glass of mulled wine, feel the warm atmosphere!

location Belfast City

Belfast City Hall © Walking - JOIN ME UK Road Trip

Belfast International Arts Festival Belfast International Arts Festival

Founded in 1962, the Belfast International Arts Festival features a wide range of activities including theatre, dance, music, film and literature. In 2018, there were 120 events and performances from more than one at home and abroad.Photo source:Belfast International Arts Festival official website

time 10/yearNovember


Fresh oysters in the market, 6 for only 5 pounds

St George's Market is only open three days a week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday); since 1604, every Friday has the theme of "Variety Market" and there are about 300 stalls here. Selling fruits and vegetables, antiques, books, clothes and seafood. The seafood here is known as the freshest in Northern Ireland. There are dining seats in the market, and many stalls sell oysters, which are inexpensive (6 pieces for about £ 5), fresh and fat, and are popular among tourists.

Market address 12-20 East Bridge St, Belfast BT1 3NQ 
Opening hours
Saturday (City Food Market)|9:00-15:00
Sunday (Craft Market)|10:00-16:00
Monday to Thursday | Closed

There are many foods in St George's Market and there are seats in the market for dining. In the picture, there are 6 oysters for as long as 5 pounds. Photo by Serina Su
Boojum Mexican Restaurant Chain

Irish National Cuisine: Boojum

Boojum specializes in Mexican burritos and started in Belfast in 2007. Its menu is very simple, mainly burritos and tortillas. The way of ordering is similar to Subway. The food is delicious and the amount is high. It is quickly loved by the people and becomes a national food.

address 67-69 Botanic Ave (multiple outlets in Ireland)
Opening hours Depending on each store
Price £5 per burritos

Irish traditional cuisine: roast pork, five flowers, apple puree

Roast pork five-flowered apple puree is the traditional cuisine of Ireland. The pork belly is very crispy, and because it is mixed with apple puree, it will not be greasy, but it will be more fragrant. In addition, the porridge is covered with mashed potato pancakes, which is also a traditional Irish snack. The overall weight does not seem to be large, but in fact it is full of satisfaction!

Store name Made in Belfast (City Hall)
Reference price £15-25 per main meal

Ireland, Ireland: Pork Belly


Belfast International Airport Belfast International Airport

Traveling to Belfast, there are many flights in the UK to choose from. From England, fromLondon(London), Manchester (Manchester), Birmingham,Liverpool(Liverpool),NewcastleNewcastle direct flight; ScotlandEdinburgh(Edinburgh), Glasgow and WalesCardiff(Cardiff) airports have flights to Ireland.

Upon arrival at Belfast International Airport, you can take the Airport Express to downtown Belfast.

Airport Express fee Single £8 | Round-trip ticket £11

Take the bus and go straight to Dublin!

From Belfast to Ireland's capital, Dublin, you can take the bus for about 2.5 hours.

Ride location Belfast, Europa Bus Centre
cost About £10/one way

Trip planning

Northern Ireland: Giant's Causeway and Causeway Coast (Giant & #039; s Causeway and Causeway Coast)

Around Northern Ireland, Belfast City Tour

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and has a rich history and culture. You can deeply feel the different customs and customs of Ireland and England. In addition to the city of Belfast, many people will also take Belfast as the center to visit the surrounding attractions, such as the World Cultural Heritage-Giant's Causeway, Carrick-a Suspension Bridge (Carrick-a -Rede Rope Bridge)... etc. If you want to play well, please arrange at least 3 days.

Jack and Sandy have been in Ireland for 10 years and have traveled to many European countries. They are now professional tour guides! Jack can talk from history to current affairs. Sandy's personality is cute and enthusiastic, and he is also an Irish pass! Welcome to Ireland and let them take you deeper!

Song of Ice and Fire: Power Game Shooting Scene Day Tour Game Of Thrones Location Tour

The natural beauty of Northern Ireland is so beautiful that it attracted HBO to come and shoot the American drama "Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones". The Dark Hedges is one of the classic scenes. In the 18th century, the Stuart family planted a number of beech hedges on both sides of the passageway into the house. The tall trees blocked the sunlight and formed a dark avenue, so they were called "dark hedges".

Many people will arrange the scene itinerary and Giant's Causeway as a day trip. The Giant's Causeway formed dense lava columns due to ancient volcanic eruptions. The spectacular scene is known as one of the top ten wonders in the world.

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