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Cardiff is the capital of Wales,Go shopping in the arcades of ancient buildings, admire the well-preserved castle, take a stroll in the harbour, and experience all kinds of music, movies, sports activities and food.

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Trip planning


In 55 AD, The Romans discovered that the three river basins (River Taff, River Ely, and River Rhymney) around Cardiff benefited people's lives, trade, and military defense, so they established military camps here. In the 4th century AD, after the Romans withdrew from Britain, the Normans (The Normans) and the Vikings (The Vikings) also lived here.

In the 11th century, the Normans built Cardiff Castle from wood; in the 12th century, the Duke of Gloucester built the castle from stone. In the 15th century, Cardiff was destroyed by the Welsh army, and later in 1423 the Earl of Warwick rebuilt the city walls and castle.

During the Industrial Revolution,The Glamorganshire Canal was built so thatSteel raw materials can be delivered quickly,Later, the canal was also used to carry coal mines, so thatCardiff has become Europe's largest coal mine export port. With the booming economy, Cardiff was upgraded from town to city in 1905 and is now the capital of Wales.


Cardiff Castle

The castle has gone through Roman Fort, Norman Keep until the modern Bute Family, with a total history of more than 2,000 years.

The castle shows the residence of the Bute family,The Roman Wall, The Norman Keep and Clock Tower; also visibleDuring World War II, the castle was used as a refuge tunnel (Wartime Shelters).

Opening hours March-October 9:00-18:00|November-February 9:00-17:00
Ticket fare Adult £13.5|5-12 year old child £9.50|Respect for old and student ticket £11.50
Check opening hours

Cardiff: Cardiff Castle (Cardiff Castle)
Cardiff: Cardiff Central Market (Cardiff Central Market).

Cardiff Market (Cardiff (Central) Market

Cardiff Market is a traditional Victorian indoor market with a history of over 100 years. Fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, meat, various necessities and dim sum can be found in the season.

Opening hours Monday to Saturday 8:00-17:30

Cardiff Bay, Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay was an important port for coal mine exports in the world. Later, due to the decline of the coal industry, Cardiff Bay declined. In the past 10 years, the government has actively transformed Cardiff Bay, and now many restaurants and bars are stationed in it, which is very lively; among them, the well-known European Opera House Millennium Center (Wales Millennium Centre) Is also located here.

Cardiff Bay
Cardiff: Cardiff Arcades

Classic and fun, Arcades

The density of arcade shopping streets in the urban area is extremely high, with a total of seven, giving Cardiff the title of "City of Arcades".Royal Arcade, the first shopping street, began in 1858, and then combined with a modern shopping mall to form a large shopping mall, blending Edwardian, Victorian and modern architectural styles.There are different style shops in each arcade, such as restaurants, shops and hair salons, which is very interesting.

Look up and look at the clock on the street

There are clocks on many buildings in the city, and they often represent the age of the building. For example, before entering the Cardiff Market, there was a square clock with "Cardiff Market" written on both sides of the clock in English and local traditional languages. The bell already existed in 1910 and belonged to the old British jewellery store H.samuel; after a few years, the store moved to other locations, and the bell was retained as a new sign in the market.

Cardiff 1 day tour

The car journey from London to Cardiff is about 3 and a half hours, and the train ride is about 2 to 2.5 hours. The arcade shops in downtown Cardiff are ancient and elegant, and traditional cuisine is worth experiencing!


Gay Film Festival Iris Prize 2020

The Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival is one of the largest gay film festivals in the world in Cardiff. Since 2007, it has called for exhibitors from all over the world, including Hong Kong, Toronto, New York and London. Photo source:Iris Prize

location Charles Street, Churchill Way, etc.
time 2020/10/6-10/11
For details

Music Festival: Swn Festival

The Swn Festival was co-sponsored by John Rostron and DJ Huw Stephens of BBC Radio 1, with the theme of promoting the birth of new types of music, starting annually in 2007 with a three-day event. Photo source:Swn Festival

Event Location various city centre venues, The Great Hall, Tramshed Cardiff… etc.
Activity time 2020/10/16 – 10/18
Check details and fares

Experience! Rugby rugby

Every time you go to the rugby season, Cardiff becomes very lively!Because the home of the Wells team is in the city. Principality Stadium, also known asMillennium Stadium, the third largest stadium in the UK.Come to Cardiff during the season, let's see if there is a competition to experience the enthusiasm of the fans!


Cardiff: Welsh Cakes

Wells Muffins

Welsh Cakes are traditional local refreshments.The traditional method is to use slate baking, also commonly known as Bakestones. In Cardiff’s Central Market, there is a Welsh muffin specialty store, Cardiff Bakestones. The business is very good. Original flavors, lemons, and chocolates are all hot items.

Fresh the Baguette Bar

This popular sandwich shop is located at In the Royal Arcade, there will always be a queue in noon, not only because of itThe food is delicious, the price is close to the people, and it is loved by the local people.

Cardiff: Fresh the Baguette Bar


Cardiff: Cardiff Central Rail Station is located in the city


Cardiff Central Rail Station is conveniently located in the city.From londonIt takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes by train from Paddington Station.Trains are floating fares, it is recommended to use the train APP (Trainline) to inquire and book tickets.

Trip planning

Cardiff: Cardiff Central Rail Station is located in the city

Wales City Trip

Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and the main sights of the city are Cardiff Castle and the arcade shopping street. For those who like slow travel, it is recommended to arrange at least 1 to 2 days.

Tour Itinerary|Welsh, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Fort Combe 5-Day Tour

Depart from London, enter the secret area of Wales, and take a deep tour! This itinerary includes Cardiff, the capital of Wales, Snowdonia National Park, and St Davis, the smallest city in the UK. Its cathedral is one of the most magnificent in the UK, and the beauty of Wales will definitely melt you. In addition, it will pass through Shakespeare's birthplace and the beautiful town of Fort Combe (South England).

Cotswolds, Cotswolds: Castle Combe