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Liverpool was once a magnificent maritime trading city, once desolate due to the ravages of war; the birth of the world's great orchestra, the Beatles, has transformed the city and is full of life. Liverpool, like a superstar, is beautiful, handsome, and has endless moving stories.

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Trip planning


The name of Liverpool in the 11th century was Liuerpul, which means a pool or creek with muddy water. A few centuries later, it gradually became the current name Liverpool.

In 1207, the then King John announced the establishment of a new political district in Liverpool and built Liverpool Castle. In 1715, the construction of the first commercial port was completed, and maritime trade in the Atlantic Ocean expanded. Liverpool, located at the mouth of the River Mersey in England, grew rapidly. In the 19th century, the Albert Dock (Albert Dock) was opened, and the Port of Liverpool became more prosperous. At that time, as many as 40% containers were berthed here.

In 1940, the artillery fire of the Second World War ruthlessly attacked the beautiful city and dock, and Liverpool was almost completely unrecognizable. Over time, the economy slowly recovered; at this time, The Beatles was born! The whole city has been refreshed because of their music.

Liverpool has witnessed the development history of world maritime trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the dock was the main foreign trade port of the British Empire at that time. It has historical preservation significance. In 2004, it was certified as a marine commercial city and became a UNESCO selection World Heritage (UNESCO).


Albert Dock, Albert Dock

The Albert Dock was built in 1839, and many goods from all over the world are stored in warehouses in the terminal. During World War II, the wharf was severely damaged by the German army and was rebuilt in 1988, combining old and new buildings. The current pier has become a tourist attraction. Because of its unignorable status, it was selected as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).

Liverpool: The Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool: the Beatles Story (the Beatles Story)

The Beatles Story

The Beatles Museum is located in Albert Dock. It is the largest permanent exhibition hall of the Beatles in the world. The exhibits include the stories they used to sing in the tavern, the musical instruments they used, and their costumes.

Opening hours Monday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 (last admission at 17:00)
Ticket fare Adult £18|Students, Respect for the Elderly £14|Children (5-15 years old) £10 (Please refer to the official website for details and fares)

Maritime Museum Maritime Museum Maritime Museum

The Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum are located in the same building at Albert Dock, with the Maritime Museum on the 1st and 2nd floors and the Slavery Museum on the 3rd floor. The Maritime Museum exhibited many stories of the Atlantic trade at the time.

Slavery Museum International Slavery Museum

The Slavery Museum exhibits the history of the slave trade and many stories of people suffering from unequal treatment. It is the first museum in history to talk about human rights with the theme of slavery.

Ticket fare free
Opening hours 10:00 – 17:00

Liverpool: Merseyside Maritime Museum (Merseyside Maritime Museum) and International Slavery Museum (International Slavery Museum​)
Liverpool Liverpool: Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery Walker Art Gallery

Opened in 1877, it is known as the national gallery of the North. The collection is mainly famous for medieval oil paintings, among which are the 16th century King Henry VIII (Henry VIII) and Queen Elizabeth Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I; also a collection of many local artworks in Liverpool.

Ticket fare free
Opening hours 10:00 – 17:00

Liverpool Cathedral

The largest Anglican church on the British island and the fifth largest church in Europe. Construction started in 1904, it took more than 70 years, and it has gone through two world wars. The architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (Sir Giles Gilbert Scott) has a great background, and he also designed the famous red telephone booth in Britain. It is a pity that he failed to see the church completed in his lifetime.

Ticket fare Free|For the top of the tower, please purchase tickets at the counter (Please refer to the official website for opening hours and fares)

Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool Liverpool: The Beatles statues

Reproduce the legend: the Beatles

The Beatles have been popular all over the world since the 1960s. Many tourists followed the orchestra’s footsteps and came to their hometowns. In 2015, the Cavern Club, the club where the Beatles debuted, donated a commemorative bronze statue of four to Liverpool, which attracted worldwide attention. John Lennon’s sister Julia also attended the opening ceremony.

location Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1BY

Europe's first Chinatown

In the 19th century, maritime trade was developed, and Chinese merchant ships went to and from the port of Liverpool closely, and the first Chinese community in Europe was established here. The gorgeous archway we see now was built in 2000. In recent years, many descendants of immigrants have moved to the neighboring cities of London or Manchester to find new job opportunities. Therefore, the crowds here are not the same, but the significance is worth remembering.

Liverpool: China Town China Town

Follow the stars! The hometown of Beatles

Anyone who comes to this city may become a fan of the Beatles! From the bar where the members made their debut, to the story hall and exhibition, their wonderful stories seem to be vividly remembered.


Liverpool International Music Festival 2019

Liverpool International Music Festival

Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles, with a rich and diverse music culture and continuous development. Many music festivals are held every year, among which the Liverpool International Music Festival (Liverpool International Music Festival), held in July every year, attracts the most attention. Photo source:LIMF official website

time July each year


The Italian Club Fish

The Italian Club Fish is a popular restaurant. Whether it is fried food, pasta or desserts, it is well received. It is often difficult to find one on weekends.

address 128 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4JA
proposed price £20/person

Liverpool: The Italian Club Fish
Liverpool Liverpool: The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club

There are two bars on Matthew Street, the Cavern Pub and the Cavern Club (Chinese translation for cave bars). The latter is the original location of the performance when the Beatles debuted. Carvern has been built, but the structure is still the same as it was then, attracting many fans to come to the pilgrimage. Pub and Club are free for admission most of the time, but there will be a fee for the show during the performance period.

address 10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE



利物浦萊姆街站(Liverpool Lime Street Station)是利物浦最大的車站。從倫敦尤斯頓站(Euston railway station)出發,前往利物浦萊姆街站,車程約2個半小時至3小時。另外也有許多往返曼徹斯特(Manchester)等城市的班次。Trains are floating fares, it is recommended to use the train APP (Trainline) to inquire and book tickets.

Liverpool Liverpool: Liverpool Lime Street Station
From the south of Liverpool to the north, you must pay tolls before entering the city.

Self-driving family notice: toll road

To and from Liverpool from Chester and Birkenhead will pass the toll road Queensway Tunnel or Kingsway Tunnel.

cost General passenger car, every 趟 £1.8 yuan

Ferry: Travel to Belfast

Take a ferry between Liverpool and Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, and you can enjoy the view of the Irish Sea. It takes about 8 hours. There are many facilities on board, including a small cinema, game room and computer room. Departing from Liverpool to Belfast, you have to take a boat at the Birkenhead Pier. There are 2 boats a day.

Reference time 10:30-18:30|22:30-6:30 (Please refer to the official website for time and cost)

The boat ride between Liverpool and Belfast takes about 8 hours.

Trip planning

Explore the hometown of the Beatles

利物浦曾是北英格蘭重要的貿易港口,也是知名樂團披頭四的故鄉。建議行程安排至少1天,白天參觀披頭四故事館、阿爾伯特碼頭等景點。傍晚推薦在洞穴酒吧(The CAvern Club)感受昔日天團的魅力。如欲北上,建議接續玩湖區,遠離城市喧囂,享受當地人最愛的度假勝地。

Recommended itinerary|Liverpool 1 day tour

Take the train from London to Liverpool in the morning, arrive in Liverpool at about 9 am, and start the day! The itinerary includes tickets for the Beatles and The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Then arrange a train back to London at 6 o'clock in the evening.