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Liverpool used to be a magnificent maritime trading city, and was once lonely due to the devastation of war; the birth of the world's great orchestra, The Beatles, made the city a facelift and full of vitality. Liverpool is like a superstar, and there are endless moving stories behind the scenery and handsomeness.

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Trip planning


Liverpool in the 11th century is called Liuerpul, which means a pool or creek with muddy water. After a few centuries, it gradually became the current name Liverpool.

In 1207, the then King John announced the establishment of a new New Deal in Liverpool and the construction of Liverpool Castle. In 1715 AD, the construction of the first commercial port was completed, and the maritime trade of the Atlantic Ocean expanded. It was located in Liverpool, the estuary of the River Mersey in England, so it grew rapidly. In the 19th century, the Albert Dock was opened, and Liverpool's port became more prosperous. At that time, 40% of the world's containers would dock here.

In 1940, the artillery of World War II relentlessly and violently attacked this beautiful city and pier, and many buildings in Liverpool were destroyed. Fortunately, after the war, Liverpool's economy recovered slowly; at this time, The Beatles was born! The whole city has a new look because of their music.

Liverpool witnessed the development history of world maritime trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the terminal was the main trading port of the British Empire at that time, with historical preservation significance. In 2004, Liverpool was certified as a marine commercial city and became a UNESCO. Selected as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).


Albert Dock, Albert Dock

The Albert Dock was built in 1839. At the time, Liverpool was the world's largest marine trading city. Many goods from all over the world were transported by sea and stored in the warehouse of the dock. During World War II, the pier was severely damaged by the Germans, and the current pier was rebuilt in 1988, incorporating old and new buildings. Today it is a tourist destination, and many restaurants, museums, taverns, and hotels are stationed; its status cannot be ignored, and it is an important history for the development of world maritime trade, so it is included in the World Heritage (UNESCO).

The Beatles Story

Located at Albert Dock, the Beatles Museum is the world's largest permanent exhibition of the Beatles' four stories, including the stories of their early years in the tavern, the instruments used, and clothing.

Opening hours Monday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 (last admission is 17:00
Ticket fare Adult £18|Student, respect for the elderly £14|Children (5-15 years old) £10

Check fares and details

Maritime Museum Maritime Museum Maritime Museum

The Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum are located in the same building at Albert Dock, with the Maritime Museum on the 1st and 2nd floors and the Slavery Museum on the 3rd floor. The Maritime Museum exhibited many stories of the Atlantic trade at the time.

Slavery Museum International Slavery Museum

The Slavery Museum exhibits the history of the slave trade at the time, as well as the story of many people being treated unfairly. It is the first museum in history to talk about human rights with the theme of slavery.

Ticket fare free
Opening hours 10:00 – 17:00

Liverpool Liverpool: Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery opened in 1877 and is known as the national gallery of the North. The collection is mainly known for its medieval oil paintings, including the 16th century King Henry VIII and Queen Yi. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth I; it also houses many of Liverpool's local art.

Ticket fare free
Opening hours 10:00 – 17:00

Liverpool Cathedral

It is the largest Anglican church on the British island; it is also the fifth largest church in Europe. Construction began in 1904 and took more than 70 years to complete. The process has gone through two world wars. It was designed by architect Giles Gilbert Scott (Sir Giles Gilbert Scott) and the famous red telephone booth in the United Kingdom. He builds. It is a pity that he failed to see the construction of his church completed in his lifetime. The church is free to visit, if you need to visit the top of the tower, adults are £ 6 per person, you can buy tickets at the counter.

Ticket fare free
Opening hours PleaseOfficial websiteInquire

Liverpool Cathedral

Follow the stars! The hometown of Beatles

Visitors to this city may become fans of the Beatles! From the bar where the members first appeared, to the story hall and exhibition, their wonderful stories seem to be vivid.

Europe's first Chinatown

In the 19th century, maritime trade was developed, and Chinese merchant ships were in close proximity to Liverpool ports, so the first Tang Dynasty community in Europe was established here. The magnificent arches you see now were built in 2000. In recent years, the descendants of many immigrants have turned to neighbouring cities of London or Manchester in search of new job opportunities, so the crowds here are quite different, but the significance is memorable.

Liverpool Liverpool: The Beatles statues

Reproduce the legend: the Beatles

From the 1960s to the present, the Beatles have been popular all over the world, and many tourists have followed the orchestra's footprints to their hometowns. In 2015, the Cavern Club, the Beatles' choir at the time, donated a memorial bronze statue of four people to Liverpool, which attracted worldwide attention. John Lennon's sister Julia also attended the unveiling ceremony.

location Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1BY

Forever classic. Beatles


Liverpool International Music Festival 2019

Liverpool International Music Festival

Liverpool has been named the "City of Music" by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is the second British city to win this award after Glasgow. Liverpool has an extraordinary traditional music culture. It is the birthplace of the Beatles. It has a variety of modern music styles and continues to develop. Liverpool hosts several music festivals each year, of which Liverpool International Music Festival is the most popular. Photo source:LIMF official website

time July


The Italian Club Fish

The Italian Club Fish is an Italian seafood restaurant. It is well received in popular local restaurants, whether it is fried, Italian noodles or desserts. It is often difficult to find a weekend holiday.

address 128 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4JA
proposed price £20/person

The Italian Club Fish is very popular in Liverpool. Photo by Dan Chen
Liverpool Liverpool: The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club

There are two bars on Matthew Street, one is the Cavern Pub and the other is the Cavern Club (Chinese to Cave Bar). The latter is the original site of the performance of the Beatles. The original Carvern has been built, but the structure is still the same as that of the year, attracting many fans to come to the pilgrimage. Pub and Club are free of charge for most of the time, but in case of performance time, they will be charged a fee.

address 10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE



Liverpool Lime Street Station is Liverpool ’s largest and oldest station; it was renovated in 2018. From Euston railway station in London, to Lime Street Station in Liverpool, the journey takes about 2.5 hours to 3 hours. There are also many flights to and from Manchester and other cities.Trains are floating fares, it is recommended to use the train APP (Trainline) to inquire and book tickets.

Liverpool Liverpool: Liverpool Lime Street Station

Self-driving family notice: toll road

To and from Liverpool from Chester and Birkenhead will pass the toll road Queensway Tunnel or Kingsway Tunnel.

cost General passenger car, every 趟 £1.8 yuan

Ferry: Travel to Belfast

Take a ferry between Liverpool and Belfast, the capital of Northern Irelandspecial(Belfast), you can enjoy the view of the Irish Sea (Irish Sea), the time is about 8 hours. There are many facilities on board, including a small cinema, game room and computer room. Departing from Liverpool to Belfast, you must take a boat to Birkenhead Pier, a total of 2 daily.

Reference time 10: 30-18: 30 | 22: 30-6: 30
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Trip planning

Explore the hometown of the Beatles

Liverpool used to be an important trading port in North England and the hometown of the Beatles, the well-known orchestra. If you like to roam, it is recommended to arrange at least 1 day to visit the Beatles Story Hall, Albert Dock and other places. In the evening to (The CAvern Club) cave bar to feel the traces of the former group. If you want to go north, it is recommended to continue to play in the Lake District, experience the favorite resort of the locals, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax and roam.

Recommended itinerary|1 day round trip from London to Liverpool

If time is limited, but want to travel from London to Liverpool, this is a good choice. In the morning, take a train from London to Liverpool, arrive at Liverpool at about 9 am to start the day's journey, and return to London by train at more than 6 pm. The itinerary includes tickets to The Beatles Story Hall and The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.


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