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British tourism


South england


Since the beginning of the 13th century,CambridgeUniversity (University of Cambridge) establishedCambridgeThe new atmosphere of the town. Nowadays,CambridgeThe university still dominates the world, but the town is a popular attraction. However, even if it is full of people, it always has a tranquil beauty. Come here, take a boat trip to Kanghe and follow the trail of Chinese poet Xu Zhimo.Cambridgethe University.


As early as more than a thousand years ago,OxfordIt has already begun to develop, because of its geographical advantages, it makes it a military and economic city that cannot be ignored. 12th century,OxfordThe University of Oxford has made this a major educational center in the UK. In recent years, the popularity of the "Harry Potter" has increased.


BathLocated in the southwest of England, it was a popular spa town during the George period and is now a world-famous tourist city.BathIt has a long history and its George-style buildings are well preserved. In 1987, it was listed as a World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO World Heritage. Every year, the Jane Austen Festival and the Christmas Market attract a large number of tourists.

Recommended chartered days: 2-3 days

North england

Yorkshire Yorkshire

In Nottingham,City north of SheffieldKnown collectively as North England, the famous cities are Leeds andYorkWait. andYorkThe county is a popular tourist area with 350 million years of megalithic wonders, vampire legends and spa towns. inYorkWell-known Betty afternoon tea birthplace in the northYorkCounty Harrogate.


Lake District

The Lake District is made up of many lakes, forests and mountains, and is a British holiday destination. During the Ice Age, the Lake District was once covered by glaciers, creating a unique natural landscape. The Lake District has a special geographical and cultural preservation value and has been selected as a World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Educational and Educational Organization in recent years. William Wordsworth, a famous British romantic poet who once lived in the Lake District, explained the beauty of the Lake District through his works. Many people praised the Lake District as a must-see for this life.


Northumberland, Northumberland

Northumberland was selected as the “Best British Destination” by the British Travel Awards in 2018. Northumberland is one of the largest national parks in England with a star-gazing station. In the dark, you can see a whole star of shining stars. The unique beauty is certified by the British Rural Conservation Sports Association CPRE and the International Dark Sky Association.

Hadrian's Wall, Hadrian's Wall

The Hadrian's Great Wall, the northernmost border of England built during the Roman era, is also part of the Northumberland National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




EdinburghIt is the capital of Scotland. The whole city is a world cultural heritage with rich artistic, historical and natural landscapes. apart fromEdinburghThe castle, Calton Hill, Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat are also highly recommended attractions.

First big city

Glasgow Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest city in the UK. The churches and art galleries in the city are well known. Special recommendation is made to Pollock Country Park, where you can stroll through the lovely Highland cattle.

Recommended chartered days: 4-5 days

Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Sky Island, Loch Ness, Old Volcano Glencoe Canyon, etc.It feels the majesty of nature. Many movies have been attracted by their beauty. The railway bridge to the Hogwarts School of Magic in Harry Potter, "007" and "Transformers" are well-known movie scenes.

Scottish Highlands Attractions Suggestions

Recommended chartered days: 3-4 days

Chartered days recommended

South England London/Cambridge/Oxford/Bath/Kozwo
2-3 days
North York York/Lake District/Newcastle (Newcastle)/Dalah (Duran) & Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland
5-6 days
Scottish Highlands
3 to 4 days

The above is the recommended charter route, with an estimated number of days in each region. In order to take into account the quality of the journey, we recommend the number of chartered days as follows:

  • It is recommended to visit North England only for at least 2 days.
  • It is recommended to cross at least 5 days across South and North England.
  • Across North England, Scotland and the Highlands, it is recommended for at least 7 days.

The itinerary can be matched across regions, for example: you want the itinerary to includeblack"versus"green"The route, but you only have 7 days, we will adjust the route and time for you after understanding your situation.

If your itinerary is less than 2 days, we recommend you to adoptCity guideInformation, as well asShopThe itinerary provided.

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Traveling in the UK is very convenient, and you can reach many cities by train. There are buses, trains or light rails in the city, which is not difficult for passengers who like to travel freely.

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