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Since the beginning of the 13th century, the University of Cambridge was established, giving Cambridge a new atmosphere. Today, Cambridge University still dominates the world. The difference is that the town of that year has become a popular tourist city. However, even if it is full of people, there is always a sense of tranquility here.

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As early as the Bronze Age, Cambridge had already had human footprints. In the 1st century, the Romans camped in Cambridge; in the 5th century, as the Romans left, the Roman military camp faced an abandoned fate.

Until 1066, King William I ordered the castle to be built here. Cambridge's economy and population gradually prospered. Because of the convenience of the River Cam, the river extended to Kings Lynn in the north. The seaside has made the waterway transport developed, and Cambridge has become an economic center in the region.

In 1209, Cambridge University was established in the town. With the increasing number of students, Cambridge became a student-oriented university city. In the 16th century, Cambridge University established more colleges, including the prestigious Christs College and Trinity College founded by Henry VIII.

After the 20th century, Cambridge's status became more and more unshakable. In 1951, the town was upgraded to the city. Today, in addition to the education industry, Cambridge is also actively developing the technology, science and tourism industries.


King's College

King's College was founded in 1441 by the King Henry VI of England. Among them, the King's College Chapel is considered to be one of the most beautiful and majestic chapels in the Cambridge University School. Glass decoration, stone walls and wood carvings are amazing. At the same time, the chapel is also very important. ) Architectural examples. In addition, King's College has many famous alumni, British economist John Maynard Keynes and Chinese poet Xu Zhimo have studied at King's College.

Chapel opening hours(study period) Monday to Friday 9:30-15:30|Saturday 9:30-15:15|Sunday 13:15-14:30 | (outside the semester) Monday to Sunday 9:30-16:30, Please refer to the official website announcement time
Ticket fare Adult £10|Student/Child £6

Cambridge, Cambridge: King's College, Cambridge.
Cambridge, Cambridge: Trinity College

Trinity College Trinity College

Trinity College, founded in the later years of Henry VIII, is among the colleges of Cambridge University and is one of the most powerful and famous.

One of the most famous alumni in the academy is Newton who discovers the law of universal gravitation (Newton), at the entrance of the college, there is from Lincolnshire, Newton’s hometown (LincolnshireThe transplanted apple tree, this tree is not the apple tree "deity" of Newton at that time, but its "offspring"!


Cors Clock

The Eucharist was unveiled in 2008 by physicist Stephen Hawking; the clock was inspired by the inventor of John Taylor, alumnus of the University of Cambridge, Christopher, Cambridge. He thinks the ordinary clock design makes people Feeling boring, so he designed a grasshopper with a grasshopper. When the pointer reaches the 59th second, the grasshopper will open his mouth and swallow the time, in order to remind the world of time. Once the time goes byIt can no longer be recovered.


Cambridge Comedy Festival, photo source

Comedy Festival Cambridge Comedy Festival

The Cambridge Comedy Festival began in 2007, and many great comedians will perform here. Although the scale is not the biggest, the performance is still calledEdinburghA smaller version of the International Fringe Festival.
Photo source:
Cambridge Comedy FestivalOfficial website

Activity time
July each year
More event information Please checkCambridge Comedy FestivalOfficial website

Folk Folk Festival Cambridge Folk Festival

Founded in 1965, it is an annual folk art (music) festival, one of the important events in Cambridge, attracting thousands of people every year. The event is rich in content, with performances from outstanding musicians from the UK, Ireland and other places. It also combines contemporary art. In recent years, young singers have been invited to join the lineup to provide a stage for the new generation of musicians.
Photo source:Cambridge Folk FestivalOfficial website

Event Location Cherry Hinton Hall Park
Activity time 2019/8/1-8/4
Tickets must be purchased, please go to the fareOfficial websiteInquire

Fireworks & Bonfire Night

Every year in November, many cities in the UK host fireworks and bonfire nights, including Cambridge. The beginning of Bonfire is to commemorate a gunpowder plot that took place in 1605. Today, it is more like a large-scale event, firing fireworks in many places, lighting up the UK's November night sky.
Photo source:Cambridge Live official website

location Midsummer Common, Cambridge
time 2019/11
Free admission



Centennial Cafe Fitzbillies

There are a variety of restaurants on Bridge Street, such as French, Italian and American cuisine. The Fitzbillies Café specializes in light food, cakes and afternoon tea and is popular in Cambridge. Fitzbillies has two stores, the founding store opened in 1920 at Trumpington Street in the city center, and the branch is on Bridge Street. The picture is a Mexican roll, fresh and delicious; in addition, its star product is the traditional bread roll "Chelsea Buns".

address"Foundation Store" 52 Trumpington St, Cambridge, CB2 1RG|"Bridge Street Branch" 36 Bridge St, Cambridge CB2 1UW
Opening hours Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00|Saturday 9:00-18:30|Sunday 10:00-18:30 (time may change, please refer to the official website)

Cambridge Centennial Cafe - tomato and red sauce wrap at Fitzbillies. Photo by Serina

The birthplace of DNA, The Eagle Bar

The Eagle Bar is located near King's College and opened in 1667. It was named "Eagle and Child" and later renamed "The Eagle". It is full of stories, documenting the bit of World War II; on a Saturday afternoon in 1956, British biologist Francis Crick and American molecular biologist James Watson cracked DNA together.

address 8 Benet Street, Cambridge CB2 3QN
Opening hours Sunday to Wednesday 11:00-23:00|Thursday to Saturday 11:00-00:00



Take a train from London, you canLondonDepart from London King's Cross and get off at Cambridge Station. The train ride takes about 50 minutes. From Cambridge Railway Station to the city centre, the walk takes about 20 minutes.

AV: Cambridge Travel

Every time I go to Cambridge, I feel very relaxed, even in the case of work; it is always very lively, because there are endless crowds, but when you take a boat trip to Kanghe, you can enjoy the peace, it’s good!

Tips & Tricks

Punting in Cambridge!

The Kang River, a boat trip, is a signature event in Cambridge. There are many boat rental services on site, and it takes about 40 minutes to take a trip. It is a great experience to have a clear guide and to explore the beauty of the campus.

cost Tourists share a car (12 seats) for about £20/person | private charter (6 seats) for about £90/boat. The fee is for reference only, please refer to the on-site price

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs was built in 1831 and is a famous landmark. As for why it is called a bridge of sighs? There are two arguments. One is that the bridge leads to the examination room. During the exam, the bridge will hear the students sigh and get the name. The other is to be in the 16th century in Venice. The first sigh bridge built to pay tribute. Cambridge's Bridge of Sighs is not open to the public, but visitors can see its beauty when they travel by boat.

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