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Strolling in Earl's hometown and tasting his favorite Earl Grey tea is a pleasant and romantic treat.

Home of Earl Grey Tea | Traditional Earl Grey Tea Experience at Gray House


Earl Grey Tea has a citrus fragrance and is an indispensable role in English afternoon tea. There are many sources for its origin. It is generally believed that the name of Earl Grey tea was taken from Charles Grey (2nd Earl Grey). He is from northeast England. His hometown, Howick Hall Gardens, is now open to the public. Visitors can explore the look of the earl's house and taste traditional earl tea.

Former British Prime Minister, in love with Earl Grey Tea

Since the 14th century, the Grey family (Grey Family) Howick, a small town in Northumberland, North England (Howick, Northumberland), Has a considerable reputation in the local area, and Horwick Hall was built in 1782. The family is best known as the second generation of Earl Grey, who was the prime minister of the United Kingdom and successfully promoted the abolition of slavery during his tenure (Slavery Abolition Act 1833), Admired by the world. Newcastle, North East EnglandNewcastle) Grey Memorial Column in City Center (Grey's Monument), In honor of this generation of great men.

▍ Gorgeous ballroom with traditional Earl Grey tea

Howick Hall has been restored many times, and the fifth generation of the Gray family has extended its garden. The Horwick Hall garden is currently open to the public from February to November every year. Many people like to set foot here. Earl Grey Tea House) for afternoon tea. The tea house is now run by the second generation of former employees of Horvik Hall. The decoration is gorgeous and presents the old banquet hall of the Earl's House. There are many paintings on the wall, which are the two chapters in the Bible and Horvik's scenery.

How did Earl Grey Tea come about? There are many sayings on the market. According to the official information from Horwick Hall, a Chinese official brought black tea as a souvenir when he came to visit the earl. The official found that Horwick's water source contains hard water, and he was worried that it would affect the taste of the tea. It is added with bergamot essential oil to make the tea more flavorful. Its flavor is unique and loved by Earl Grey.

Others said that a Chinese official sent a batch of tea and bergamot to the earl as a gift. During the shipping process, the tea was stained with bergamot; another said that a British diplomat saved a Chinese official's child during a visit to China, in return for his life-saving grace, gave the formula of this unique tea to a British diplomat, who in turn gave the formula to Earl Grey.

Although the above statement has not been confirmed by strong historical data, it is certain that Earl Grey is a lover of Earl Grey tea, and it is also likely to be the source of promoting Earl Grey tea to the world.

▍Who is the driving force behind the popularity of Earl Grey Tea?

However, if the above statement is true, then how did Earl Grey tea, which was only known to Earl Grey's family, spread to the people? It is said that when the Earl was the Prime Minister in London, his lady (Lady Grey) used the same recipe to entertain the wives of other politicians. Increasingly, more and more people liked the recipe and asked if they could sell this tea for them . At that time, Twinnings sniffed business opportunities and began selling "Earl Grey Tea." However, according to Howick Hall, Earl Grey did not register a trademark and therefore did not receive any benefit.

With the changes of the times, Earl Grey now enjoys a high reputation in the world and has become one of the indicators of British tea. Since the 1960s, the Gray family has moved away from Horvik. After the mansion was opened to the public, the public had a better understanding of the beloved Earl Grey tea, and the beautiful gardens were also popular. It has a good 4.5 star rating on the Tripadvisor, but few foreign tourists know about this secret place. .

Next time if you come to England, you might as well walk around and enjoy the beautiful 65-acre garden and taste the earl's favourite tea.

Attractions Information
Howick Hall Garden
Open season February to November
Tickets required Adults £ 8.80 | Elderly £ 7.70
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