Cotswolds | British Dream Village: the most beautiful town in England, Bibury, Bourton on the water, like Little Venice

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By Dan Chen, Serina Su

Every time I go to the Cotswolds, I feel refreshed.
Walk up, the English country style!

Cotswolds is located in the south of England, and the entire area covers the administrative region of Gloucestershire.OxfordThe county (Oxfordshire), which is about 800 square miles, was selected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in 1966; it is also England, Northern Ireland, and Will. The largest AONB in Wales.

There are many sayings about the name "Cotswolds". One of the most well-known explanations is that Cot refers to the sheep farm, and Wold refers to the hills. The combination is "the sheep farm on the hills." During the Middle Ages, the quality of the wool here was famous in Europe, and until now, many beautiful houses built during the flourishing period of the wool industry can still be seen.

Burford Burford: Beautiful scenery, enjoy the fun of digging

The town is located at the gateway from the west to the Cotswolds area, making it an important wool trading town due to its location. The street is steep and there are many parking spaces on both sides. From the high point of the slope overlooking the grassland, the scenery is beautiful, and the breeze is blowing. Well, it is a holiday style. Go down the main road and you will find a variety of shops, antiques, bamboo baskets, brushes and coffee shops, each with its own characteristics and suitable for digging treasures. There is also a 15th-century church, which is regarded as the centre​ of the town's faith. It looks like a typical Norman-style building. The church is open for free. It feels very approachable and has the opportunity to go in and feel the English country church. Atmosphere.

Bibury: Bibury: the most beautiful town in England

Bibury can be said to be the hottest in the Cotswo area because it was once hailed as the most beautiful English town by the famous British artist William Morris. The most famous building here is the Arlington Row, built in 1380. It used to be a wool store, and after the 17th century it was a weaving hut. It is now a home and a home. Not far from here is the Bibury Trout Farm, which sells fresh fish and can also visit the fish pond, which can also be used for fishing! The Swan Hotel is also next to the squid farm, which was transformed from a 17th century carriage stop.

There was a news about Bibury before. Because the Arlington townhouses are very eye-catching and attract many tourists to come to the photography, the residents in the row houses parked a yellow car outside the house, which is considered by the tourists to affect the composition of their photographs.2017At that time, the household’s car was deliberately destroyed.

The original owner is a grandfather, he can not afford to pay6The cost of repairing a thousand pounds. After the news came out, the outside world raised funds for him, and some people launched a yellow driving day to support the grandfather. Finally, Grandpa changed a new gray car, but the interior is still the yellow he loves!

Bourton on the water: Come to Little Venice for a picnic!

Bourton on the water is known as the Cotswolds version of Venice. The small stone bridge on the river brings out the ​beautiful scenery. Many people will have picnics, water and feet in the river. Well, holiday style. There is also a mini version of The Model Village in Bourton on the water.CotswoldsThe Cotswold Motoring Museum is available for visits. We later went to the model village, which was completed in the re-enactment of the building of Costwolds. The method was very delicate, just like the country of the little man, but it was the English version of the country. It was very suitable for taking some interesting photos.

Castle Combe Castle Combe: The secret sights of Kozwo

The town is located in the south of Cotswolds, close toBath(Bath), you can see the appearance of another row house. The honey-colored stone houses are neatly arranged on both sides of the road, and have a different style than the row houses in Bibury. Many movies have also come to Commburg to capture the scene, the most famous of which is "The Wolf Man". There are no more tourists in Commburg than in other small towns in Kozwo, but they also have more calm feelings. It is recommended to enjoy the English countryside afternoon tea. The atmosphere is very good.

The Cotswolds area is large, such as Stow-on-the-WoldStow-on-the-Wold), Broadway Tower (Broadway Tower) are all beautiful. Summer Lavender Garden (Cotswold LavenderThe same is unforgettable. Leave the city and go to Cotswolds for a country holiday. You will see another face of Britain.

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