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British cuisine: squatting in the hole

British home cooking: squatting in the hole

"蟾蜍在洞(Toad In The HoleThis name sounds very strange, but the traditional British cuisine has different names. The most common reason is that the sausages are neatly arranged on the Yorkshire pudding. It seems to climb in the cracks. same. Its main ingredients are: Yorkshire pudding, sausage, peas and gravy. In the past, it was a common snack in the evening and is now used as a dinner.

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Newcastle (Newcastle) in the northeast of England has the title of Nightlife Ayutthaya, because the bar is densely populated, and every weekend night, you will see a crowd full of people. Everyone has a glass of wine and is always on the street.
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British cuisine | soul of English breakfast

British breakfast also has regional points, such as traditional English breakfast, Scottish breakfast, and more attention, but also can be subdivided into categories such as: Cornwall breakfast, and the soul is black (white) pudding!
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Traditional delicacies | grazing for centuries, fried chicken is amazing

If fish and chips are British national cuisine, Sunday barbecue is traditional home cooking. According to legend, in the 15th century, King Henry VII loved beef, and his guards were no exception. Before going to church on Sundays, the guards would place large pieces of beef on wood fires to bake them after the church returned. Later, this habit spread. Many families also used to slowly roast beef on the stove before going to church. After the week, the family gathered for a big meal, grilled meat with vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, and gravy was the soul.

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